History: Preparing for Alternate Quiz 1

History: Preparing for Alternate Quiz 1

sailed four ships to India
Vasco Da Gama
traveled to China
Marco Polo
began a navigation school
Prince Henry
first rounded Africa’s tip
Bartholomeu Dias
emperor of China who befriended Marco Polo
Kublai Khan
rulers of the Holy Land
trips to free Jerusalem
symbol of the Crusades
red cross
organizations protecting traders
origin of fine spices and silks
fought to free Jerusalem
caused growth of cities
home of Prince Henry the Navigator
name given to Africa’s tip
Cape of Good Hope
belonging to the Middle Ages
city held by the Turks
riches of west African coast
threatened sailors at sea
The Crusades continued off and on for approximately:
Prince Henry learned of African gold while he served as:
a soldier
Trade increased in Europe because of the interest in Eastern goods created by:
both Marco Polo’s book and the Crusades
The Polos’ home was in:
The first European to sail the new all-water route around Africa to the Orient was:
Da Gama
Crusaders came from all the following countries except:
Select the reasons why men joined the crusades:
adventure, wealth, and free Jerusalem from the Turks
Select the reasons why eastern luxuries were expensive:
distance they had to be brought
taxes en route
frequent loading and unloading
danger from pirates and robbers
Select the trade routes to the Orient that existed before Prince Henry:
: by land across China through the Middle East, by water across the Mediterranean;
by land to the Red Sea or Persian Gulf; by water to India and China
Select the true statements about Prince Henry’s school of navigation:
It employed the best map makers available.

On-the-job training was accomplished on successive trips down the coast of Africa.

Select the reasons why Europeans wanted an all-water route to the Orient:
The Italians had a monopoly on Mediterranean trade.
Ottoman Turks had captured Constantinople.
Extremely high prices were caused by the difficulty of moving Eastern goods to Europe.
Ships traveling water routes could carry more goods.
Two important navigational instruments used at Prince Henry’s school were the _______________ and the _______________.
astrolabe and compass

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