How do the functional areas interact and support the aims and objectives of McDonalds


McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that’s a franchise business that operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people. Every day McDonald’s serves more than 47 million customers around the world and operates in more than 119 countries on six continents.

The aim of McDonalds is:

To be the UK’s best fast service restaurant experience.





Human resources function:

The human resources department will train staff to make new products and also improve old products making them more tasty and enjoyable; this will help them bring in more customers making them the best fast service restaurant experience. The human recourses function also takes the staff to train to make them more polite and sincere to the consumers by doing this customers will recommend the McDonalds to friends and family bringing more business to the fast service restaurant experience.

Production function:

The production function will make all of the products in McDonalds. They work non-stop the constantly need to make there products to sell to the customers in order for them to have enough stock and raw materials to last them the day/week/month. Millions of customers go to McDonalds every year so for the production function to do there part to achieve the aim they must have enough products to sell to the consumers. By making sure they always have enough food, drinks and raw materials they will get McDonalds a much better reputation and will attract more customers to there restaurants and give them a great food experience which will make them come back so McDonalds can make more money to buy new raw materials and materials to make cups, Bags etc. This will help them become the best fast service restaurant in the UK.

Marketing function:

The marketing function provides advertisement. They advertise the new products in McDonalds e.g. burgers. Without advertisement people would not know about the new products so they wouldn’t come into to McDonalds knowing that there is a new product. Advertising new products gets people interested and start to feel hungry so they will want what McDonalds are advertising. Bringing more people into McDonalds will help them achieve there aim and make them the best fast service restaurant experience in the UK.

Finance function:

The financial function will provide funds to all the functional areas in McDonalds, allowing them to do there part to achieve the aim. All the functions need money to carry out there objectives e.g. the marketing function needs money to make advertisement on posters and TV, production function needs money to make the products to sell and the human resources function needs money to teach and train staff. The financial function holds everything together by working out the money going in and out of the business. This help them achieve there aim.

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