Human and Adversity

People, who are famous and have tons of money, never face adversity. If they were ever faced with difficulties they would Just buy their problems away instead of revealing their inner strength that may be hiding behind an easy life with no challenges. The Sardinian exemplify these kinds of people. They never spend their money on beneficial means only things for themselves. If anything ever came as a challenge to them they would use their money to fix things Instead of using any Inner strength. Facing adversity brings out talents that people loud never have known they had.

If you aren’t faced with any difficulties you would never have known you had the talents to deal with these situations. Such as Bethink Hamilton, if she had never been in such a terrible shark attack she would have never known how much determination she actually had. Difficulties push you to your limits and without the struggle you’re talents are never shown. Knowing these talents help you perform better at other tasks in the future. Facing adversity is a tremendous help in life. Human and Adversity By principalities

Horace is saying that adversity plays in the development of a person’s character and understanding turmoil and hardship. Times of struggle elicit different talents where their instincts reveal the truth, that what doesn’t kill them makes them Hamilton had been surfing since she was a child; at age thirteen she is was injured in one month later and then won first place in the Explorer Women’s Division of the NASA National Championships, two years later. Jim Carrey is another example of this; instead of using any inner strength. Facing adversity brings out talents that people.