Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management Essay Sample

As we approach the finalization of the case study for the Wireless World, Inc. we must also discuss the area of SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. plan for future and present day business planning. The process also helps with the opportunity to classify the positives and negatives of what is going on within the organization. It also helps with external environmental areas that the organization may encounter as well. The SWOT method can be used in a stage method that helps with exploring the potential possibilities for new solutions and problem areas. SWOT helps with the decision making process and how possible threats could arise for the organization. Also having the opportunity to determine where possible change is needed and how this would apply to the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The SWOT plan also allows organizations to have the ability to modify and make changes to their business plans as an opportunity arises for the organization. SWOT provides the needed ability to communicate how the organization needs to take the initiative to help organize the organizations processes.

In order to implement the SWOT process for Wireless World, Inc. I need to focus on four different elements to help reveal the positive forces they are currently working for the organization. I will also look at the possible problem areas that need to be addressed or at least acknowledged. When you decide to use the SWOT format you must also decide on the type of format that will be used for the organization. This helps with trying to communicate the issues in a clearer manner, so that it is understood better. I have decided to conduct the SWOT layout for Wireless World, Inc. in an internal and external side by side layout. This will help me discover the internal strengths and weaknesses while I discover the external opportunities and threats. Providing the internal Strengths and Weaknesses (S, W) of Wireless World, Inc. will help me with implementing the upcoming system improvements. This will allow me an opportunity to discover what is currently in place and if it is beneficial to the business needs.

Also I will be able to identify if there are currently any existing weaknesses. The internal area of focus is the Human Resource, Physical Resource, Financial, Processes, and past experiences. The human resource area deals with the staff, interns, upper management, CEO, CFO, and the target area. The physical resources deal with the current location, building, equipment, and upcoming renovations. The financial area is the grants, funding agencies, revenue from customers, and other areas of income sources. The processes are the type of programs being used, type of systems available, and systems needed. The past experience is dealing with past success and how the business is doing against its competitors. The external areas of focus are the Opportunities and Threats (O, T).