Intern Exchange International MAG

   I walked into the career center at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School open-minded in search of a summer program. Through my work last summer at a resource center assisting adults with special needs in England, I fulfilled the empty place in my heart by assisting them with fundamental learning skills. When I returned home to America, I brought souvenirs of my five weeks spent in London and many treasured memories of my internship.

Through a program entitled Intern Exchange International, I was introduced to the "real world" by commuting on the tube (London’s transportation system) and working from nine to four daily. A spice of excitement was added to this work experience program by getting a flavor of English culture touring England on the weekends. From Bath to Stonehenge, to Cambridge and Oxford, many miles were traveled to continue the enriched education of the interns.

Education goes beyond the classroom and opens new doors to adventure. I learned many new things about myself and the field of human services through my work experience. The chance to have a hands-on experience is what makes it not your average sightseeing tour.

My experience this summer was a two-way street. I gave much to the clients at the resource center and also received the same in return. Teaching daily living skills to the clients at the resource center helps them to live independently. The smile which gleams across their faces once they have tackled an obstacle which might have not been possible without help, also puts a smile on your face. fl

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