Issues human resources deal with in references to staff retention

Issues human resources deal with in references to staff retention

Presently, one of the challenges that many organisations are grappling with is retention of talented and valuable workers. It is possible for organisations to control the issue of staff quitting extensively but it is not possible to completely stop this problem. 

The issues that make retention of employees a challenge include dissatisfaction with compensation, which causes employees to seek change. For instance, in 2003 a research survey, it was found that the average turnover for the department of corrections was about 16 percent. One of the issues that cited frequently was an unattractive compensation package. All organisations have a compensation budget for their employees that is adjustable to suit the demands of employees (Allen et al., 2012). However, there is a maximum regarding how high this package can go. Unfortunately, there are employees whose goals are driven by greed, and they are likely to demand much more regarding compensation that what an organisation can offer (SFU MHRM, 2013). Such employees tend to changes jobs, and a huge proportion will join rival employers. 

Also, most employees tend to become bored after a short time. Once an employees are demotivated, chances are that they will want to disconnect from their present workplace. There are instances in which employees realise that their present roles are not by their expectations. Most employees find their jobs interesting as they start, however, it becomes monotonous with time, which inspires employees to seek a new working environment (Managementstudyguide,2017). Human resources are not able to convince such employees to stay. As such, an employer will be forced to devote more resources to the recruitment and training of a replacement employee. 


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