Jacob Coursey: Future Star

     Jacob Coursey is an aspiring musician in Pike County, Georgia. He has not always wanted to be musician; in fact he used to want to be in the Air Force! In sixth grade when the program he was in was a little harder than he expected, he decided to switch to music as a career because he felt he was pretty good it, which I can definitely agree with. After that, around sixth or seventh grade is when he started to get serious about his music career, and in eighth grade he started to write his own songs. His parents have been incredibly supportive of his music career and will even book gigs for him, but when it comes to practicing, that is on him to remember. In the beginning, he wanted to be solo, but when his other siblings were adopted, his brother and he decided to start a band called Casters with their friend Alec. While playing with his band he prefers, as the lead singer, to play cover songs in rock ‘n’ blues, but when playing solo, he likes to sing his originals. I asked whether if he were to become famous, would he stay with his band? He said yes, that the band wants to stick together. That will be great because he loves the adrenaline rush before a show, but his bandmates help knock off any nerves as they’re performing. I have watched a couple of his performances, and everything I have heard I have really enjoyed. He is a very talented guitarist and has a YouTube channel (Jacob Coursey) so everyone can see his talent. I hope that after reading this, someone will be interested in his work and discover him. 



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