John Locke and Plato

It seems to me that over time we develop newer and better theories on certain subject matters, as opposed to just simply being wrong about things and all of a sudden just seeing the light with regards to the newly discovered innate knowledge. Plato felt that morals and ethics were innate, whereas Locke felt that experiences provide us with data to show us what is morally right and wrong. I must say that I do not agree with Plato’s beliefs in any way.

I do not feel that we are simply born with all this knowledge and simply by being pointed in the proper direction, we are able to ascertain that which we were previously unaware of. John Locke’s beliefs that by experiencing things we are able to understand and solve problems to me make much more sense. For example if you took a healthy child and from the day they were born placed them in an enclosed room providing them with proper food for nourishment and growth, and you monitored that child over the years one would find that the child would have no aspects of innate knowledge.

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