Karams Pizza & Samosa (07e8ffa)

Karam’s Objective

Karam’s Goal was to obtain competitive advantage plus retain loyal client base that experienced made him the success in the particular first place.


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The Pizzeria’s 3 greatest Strengths

  • At the first time period, Karam Pizza because well as Samosa experienced ongoing growth as a result of unconventional menu choices together with good quality meals;
  • Karam taken care of its governance with good degree of complying and general rules of corporate training, as an example, Karam got taken major selections taking into consideration the opinion regarding other shareholders;
  • Karam had economic power to pay returns to the investors after second and third year.

The Pizzeria’s three greatest Weaknesses

  • About half of the total customers were from the area just north and north east of the store;
  • customers preferred to purchase from larger urban centre because they were outside Karam’s free delivery area;
  • Lack of employees and ovens, it was very difficult for Karam to serve the customer on time. Therefore, most of the customers were turning away and some customers were getting food after long waits;

Opportunities to solve the problems or expand

  • It has opportunity to hire more cooks during the peak period;
  • Integration of new technology could retain loyal customer base;
  • It has scope to open new outlets in suitable location to sustain in aggressive markets;
  • It has opportunity to be able to consider joint-venture strategy to expand business

Threats to its business or even its survival

  • The presence of strong competitors like Pizza Hut and Pizza Pizza were real threat for this restaurant because the customers would become able to buy Indian foods through competitors;
  • Karam failed to fulfill and retain faithful customers;
  • The precise location of the business has been in a provincial area far from recognized and industrial websites, which was the top factor getting very little lunch traffic.

First Alternative

The First Substitute for meet the goal of Pizzeria in order to gaining competitive sides was going to renovation associated with kitchen of the particular restaurant with the addition of a lot more ovens and boost human resource for that operation of improved cooking facilities.

Two primary good outcomes of this particular alternative are that will it would help the ‘Pizzeria’ in order to serve the shoppers rapidly and usually the clients may not always back with past due service. This imitative would generate a brand new base of delighted customers and improve sales for food.

The poor outcomes of this particular specific alternative will be it would definitely provide extra stress associated with working money with regard to extra human research while it may be used with regard to added two plus 50 percent hrs and typically the particular rest period might certainly be unutilised.

Second Alternative

The second option is always in order to develop marketing, income, management, and business automation through BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS model. The numerous efficient outcomes regarding this particular alternative are often that will it would definitely boost the business together with enhanced revenue in addition to generate strong bottom of satisfied consumers.

The major limitation of this specific imitative is always to get rid of “disliking” of Karam for business motorisation and improve his / her skills for credit rating sales or indulge a new office manager with required expertise.

Third Alternative

The third alternate is always to reopen one more store in a new suitable place. This specific solution presents added facilities to improve revenue and turn typically the Pizzeria into a new ‘Chain Shop’, nevertheless the fundamental trouble is that typically the investors of Pizzeria are satisfied together with their present go back and they have got no additional assets for further investment decision. If Karam himself goes for the investment of the new location, he would get none to risk sharing.


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