Law and Order SVU: Episode "American Tragedy"

I was watching SVU and the episode I was watching was ‘American Tradgedy’ and I just want to talk about it if that’s okay. It was about this white woman who shot an unarmed black 16 year old boy one night. It was so obvious that she was a racist and the prosecution did such a wonderful job attacking her credibility and showing the jury how truly evil-hearted she was. But, she was found not guilty. It just got me thinking and I ended up in tears. I just cannot believe that any decent human being would not support Black Lives Matter. It is THE most decisive issue in America right now, and it is just heartbreaking. I’m sitting here thinking about how terrifying it must be for you guys and there is nothing any of us can do. Gosh I pray that nothing like this is ever brought upon you or your families. How can we call this nation the ‘Home of the Brave’ when so many of us live in fear each and every day?

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