Looking At The Scope Of Multicultural Counseling Social Work Essay

ThisA problematicA situationA is associatedA with the range ofA multiculturalA guidance. Multicultural guidance is particularly of import in today ‘s society, as diverse racial and cultural environment raises many jobs, which require cultural competency of societal workers in covering with jobs which arise in multicultural society, in the field of race, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, civilizations, faiths and other diverseness factors. ( Erford, 2008 )

In the instance of a kid Josie who hasA behavioural problemsA andA jobs atA school, whichA may beA related to her raceA andA societal status.A JosieA goes toA big suburban school, A whereA asA we knowA there are many childrenA and adolescents fromA different households, A andA its environmentA isA usuallyA characterized byA great figure of struggles, since such school non merely createsA favourable conditions for multicultural instruction, but besides gives rise to serious struggles between members of different racial and cultural groups. ( Lynch, 1996 )

It is possible that two-race Josie has struggles with kids at school, her equals do non take her in their community, or badger a girl.A It is known that Josie is populating in single-parent household, which besides adversely affects her position.A Josie can see herself an castaway, non like everybody, may hold low self-esteem.A These internal jobs and struggles in the school with kids lead to her aggressive behaviour, noncompliance. In suchA state of affairss it is veryA of import toA find out the state of affairs at school and Josie ‘s dealingss with other kids, to cognize relation of people who are close to her, or with whom the kid interacts.

The primary measure inA solvingA the problemA will be to turn to a adviser, A a specialistA whoA will helpA to understand theA situationA of JosieA andA will determineA possible solutions toA the job with kid ‘s behaviour. The chief undertakings of the primary support of the specializer will include the undermentioned: A

– To assist the kid understand his jobs, and assist him to concentrate on their resolution ; A

– Psychologically to quiet down the kid, leting him to yield, non to support against his “ bad ” feelings and emotions, to cut down the degree of unfavorable judgment against himself, aid to get the better of mental strain, shame about the state of affairs ; A

– If necessary, to show certain forms of behaviour to a kid as an illustration of human opposition to emphasize, self-denial, vision, logical analysis of state of affairss in life ; A

– Supply the kid with necessary information, which can increase his motive to work out the job ; A

– Provide advices and support kid ‘s ain attempts to asseverate control over the state of affairs, to cut down his uncertainties and fright of the unknown ;

– To animate hope and advance the revival of the kid to self-awareness and willingness to cover with the state of affairs ; A

– To protect the rights and involvements of the kid, interceding in the negotiations with parents, professionals, organisations, aid in obtaining entree to necessary societal resources, etc.A

Therefore, an pedagogue, or adviser, shows the kid how to decide the job, helps to cut down his anxiousness and increase self-confidence.A The chief aim of guidance is to ease the personal growing of a kid in a job state of affairs, that is, of his sense of position, the development of his ability to analyse and see life state of affairss from different angles, to be able to develop different schemes of behaviour and consciously follow them.A ( Erford, 2008 )

In order to supply qualified psychological support and aid it is necessary to cognize the psychological features of age periods and the major differences between the reactions of kids and adults.A These differentiations are non ever seeable, but are indispensable and can demo how the job is important for the kid, and how he reacts to stressful situations.A Advocacy of kids has several alone characteristics: foremost of all, the kid is dependent on his parents, to whom he besides normally really emotionally attached. Complex relationship of the kid and parents act upon his relationship with grownups and can present a serious job in supplying assistance.A

When reding kids it is necessary to see the undermentioned distinctive features: A

– The kid is non ever able to set up societal dealingss within the equal group, to happen and maintain friends.A

– Child are dependent on the attention and protection of parents, who have the chief influence on them ( both positive and negative ) .A

– Child are non ever able to show complex feelings and discourse the general, abstract inquiries, or speak about certain topics ( tabu or traumatic subjects ) , so the advisor may suggest to depict the state of affairs in alternate manner, and should carefully choose words ; A

– In contact with others kids need to experience a positive attitude towards them.A Defensive reaction may be denial of ain failing, faulting others or circumstances.A

– it is necessary to keep contact with the kid ‘s societal world and to demo that there are no simple solutions to complex problems.A ( Erford, 2008 )

The effectivity of psychological aid mostly depends on personal features such as teacher-adviser, as the ability to perforate into the emotional universe of another, empathy ( empathy ) , to supply emotional attention and support, a high grade of personal and societal duty, together with the desire to take duty, high societal intelligence, openness, communicating, emphasis. When reding kids the specializer must take into history the fact that kids can barely maintain focal point and control behaviour for a long clip, particularly when they have some emotional disorders.A That is why the adviser must be patient.A

Making conversation with Josie, it is possible to use the traditional attack, so that start a conversation with the general open-ended inquiries, followed by contracting the focal point, or get down with specific issues, while go forthing the topographic point of choice.A The kid is easier to react to short specific inquiries about the events.A Thus, during conversation it is necessary to clear up the ground of Josie behaviour. Of class, the kid can non place and call a particular job, so it is necessary to allow him depict his feelings ( what he is concerned about? A what causes in him choler or fear? ) to clear up the emotional behaviour of the kid.

Psychological support for Josie who is in a hard state of affairs, should come in analogue at school and at home.A The nature and way of such support must frequently be determined by adviser. Josie ‘s parents should: A

– Explain to the kid the job in apprehensible signifier and friendly mode ; A

– To assist show Josie her feelings, listening to a kid without doing any judgements or critics ; A

– Make it clear to Josie that her feelings, cryings about something unpleasant is normal, anyhow she must seek to command emotions ; A

– If Josie is afraid, mother must demo that she loves her and ever ready to assist, to support her in any state of affairs.

It is collaborative effortsA andA helpA ofA protagonism specializer, mothersA andA teachersA at schoolA would helpA to clear up the job of Josie, A and besides assist the miss to solveA it and better her behaviorA and acquisition.