Management Of An Organization

Management Of An Organization Essay Sample

The management of an organization has to deal with many of the things, which are purely related to the psychology and attitudes of the employees working inside the organization. This paper will deal with two of the topics and will make the reader satisfied about the comparisons between the traditional and contemporary styles of management. The paper will focus only on two of the topics “Organizational Culture” and “Society and Trends” (Montana, 2000).

Organizational Culture in the past was more towards the strict side or the more dictatorship attitude of the management was into practice but today we see a lot of liberty and casual attitude within the style of management. To further enhancing the definition of the term, organizational values are also a part of the organizational culture, but today the values and norms are taken differently, as it was perceived in the past. The management today has molded the culture to such an extent that it gives boost to the inner moral of the employee and gives them the power to show their creativity and talent (Frost, 1985).

The society and trends of today are also been changed and have shown a massive improvement in the world. The society today gives space to diversity and respect people coming from different backgrounds, they are more keen towards and learning the civilization of each other. The mindset of the society plays a great deal in shaping it up and making it more spacious for the people to live in, a group of people staying for the same reason having a same goal and working in a friendly environment will always make an impossible goal a possible one. People in the 21st century like to follow the trends of the society and like work within the competitive environment (Frey, 1997).

Conclusively, the paper covered some of the aspects of how the organizational culture, society and trends help to let the management survive with the people inside the organization in today’s world.



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