Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport by Article – 1

The paper “Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport International Civil Aviation Organization” is a brilliant example of a management article. The Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport outlines the regulation a State undertakes within its territory in its endeavors to maintain sovereignty over its land and the airspace that is above it. The manual explains that air regulation extends to both international and domestic air services in addition to foreign and national air carriers (International Civil Aviation Organization, 2004). It further explains that the national guideline of international airspace needs to consider a nation’s international obligations pursuant to multilateral and bilateral arrangements and agreements. It should also take into account the due regard to actions and concerns of other states. The manual supports air services control given basing its arguments on the aims on commercial air services. Particular objectives of national regulation in the sector of international air transport change from nation to another, international and domestic politics, the degree of national development and territorial location and size. The aims of air regulation are to make available transport requirements of foreign airspace trade and serve national defense. Regulation of air transport using the manual is supported given the significance of air transport. Foremost, air transport needs to be safely regulated given its significance in disaster assistance needs. Commercial air transport promotes particular service sectors including tourism in states. It provides foreign exchange and employment for people all over the globe (International Civil Aviation Organization, 2004). Additionally, commercial air transport meets the needs of the postal system as well as leading to the creation of conditions for the healthy and viable transport sector. The Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport supports regulations the frameworks of National Laws and Regulations, which regulate air commerce because of the outlined importance of the air transport sector. 

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