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Marketing and Baby Food Essay Sample


DANONE is really an important player in the worldwide food industry. It is the biggest manufacturer of fresh milk products, the quantity 2 in producing infant food products as nicely as the leading maker of bottled water. A few products are known because group leaders on countrywide and international markets these kinds of as DANONE leading company of fresh dairy goods, Evian first worldwide brand of bottle water. Typically the domination from the crew in the particular food industry is properly proven, fresh dairy food, bottled water, medical and youngster nutrition, enabled him to be famous in Republic of Benin(west Africa). typically the market of food in Benin is very aggressive. By innovating and establishing its products, DANONE offers won customers who are becoming increasingly demanding. About the other hand the globalization of the 80 designated the success of the organization in Europe and The african continent. The UK market is a remarkable example within terms of dynamism: the fresh milk products division performed a double-digit growth, enabling it to reach 16. 3% market share. Typically the brand was also able to export its products worldwide in many continents just like Africa and Europe.


DANONE’s activities are divided in to 4 groups:

• Fresh dairy products: the key brands of fresh milk products are: Actimel, Activia, Danonino.

• Bottled water: the primary brand are Evian, Volvic, Aqua.

•Baby Foods: Bledina is DANONE quantity 1 brand in foods for infants. BLEDINA is also typically the French leader in infant s nutrition.

• Mediical Nutrition: this specific category of product arguements against malnutrition. it seeks at combating some types of ailment, and also assist those who have special nutritional requirements.


Each customer will be unique. As, they have got different requirements. The objective of Segmentation is to classify a new category of persons who is requirement can be satisfied by a particular item. The principle of market segmentation is to guarantee that the component associated with marketing mix (mix price, mix distribution, mix product and mix promotion) meet up specifics desires of diverse customer.

The main element criteria for a very good segment are accessibility, material and measurability (kotler 1991. )

Theese are usually the most widely used type of segmentation:

Psychographic segmentation: psychographic segmentation is based on the particular lifestyles, beliefs, values, individuality of consumers..

Geographic segmentation: deals with the particular geographical area.

Group segmentation: this type associated with segmentation have to carry out bases and the popular one are:

Sociable class or occupation

Age, sex, income, schooling, family, size, nationality and family life cycle

Behavioural segmentation: looks at the benefits, usage situation, extent of use associated with loyalty


REQUIREMENTS OF SEGMENTATION| Fresh milk product ex: actimel| AGE| -CHILDREN -adults and infrequent sports people|

Scale the family| -According for the number of children| Strength of purchase| -category of people whose purchasing strength allows them to use branded products and cost-effective products |



AGE| KIDS (0-3years)|


CRITERIA OF SEGMENTATION| Bottled water (evian)|

AGE| Adults|

OCCUPATION| Sports people or club members|


CRITERIA OF SEGMENTATION| Medical NUTRITION (NUTRICIA)| Form of person| People with a bad wellness condition|

place| Number of sick people in a good area|

age| Elderly |


After segmenting the market, DANONE have to pick the most profitable segment to target. typically, a company must choose the segment of the marketplace that is presently ignored, based on the fact that competitors are not really attracted to that industry. The procedure of choosing a segment is known as: targeting

To target a market, marketers have 3 different options:

Concentrated advertising: marketers need to make all effortin order to be the the majority of brilliant within a particular small segment

Differentiated marketing means: put almost all their effort on numerous segments, setting up a differentiated marketing mix regarding every segment.

Undifferentiated marketing offer an item made for every age, group and lifestyle.

The DANONE group here in in an attempt to be near to consumers would make employ of the differentiated marketing his or her activity are split into 4 different sector. each sector must possess its own establishment of marketing mix

Typically the 4 Ps of actimel from the range of fresh dairy product:

Product| price| Promotion| Place|

-popularity and dependability of the group, within matters of budget plus skill- medical virtues identified clinically-the variation of the range: actimel orange preference, pineapple, strawberry, Multi-fruit, actimel o%- reactivity in the field of targeting: enhancement in the target to proceed from active adults to be able to children, seniors, occasional sports people-the packaging easily convenient, symbol of medical dosage| Affordable price because it s good for the healt| International developpement: arrangement Signed using the pioneer Western yakult-honsha-intensive distribution strategy inside all retail networks | -financial effort in therms of communication using the insight of 15 million regarding euro- visual impact regarding new references-advertising positioning showing the product as the morning gesture|




Medical supplement| Nutricia| The sick person |


Positioning Has been define because the place a product occupies in a given marketplace, as perceived with the relevant group of customers, that will group of customers is known as the prospective portion of the market (wind 1984) usually, positioning appertains to the place the product takes up within the consumers perceptual guide. to be able to determine the product’s position, research is transported out with the targeted group of consumers, plus a perceptual map may be produced. Here, we all will take the situation of bledina which will be the brand named for baby food.


to achieve this we dress up the questionnaire-type survey. we choose the sample size regarding 100 mum living about Apapa a popular region in the capital associated with Benin. we then publish to these mums a customer survey of 5 questions.

Question 1- which one of such baby foods brand do u purchache?

Table just one:

VARIABLES Baby food| Number of mums| BLEDINE| 50|

Nestle| 30|

Farimi| 20|

Total| 100|

analysis of Table N°1:

50 mums from different point of buy prefer to buy Bledine, while 30 go with regard to Nestle and only few purchase Farimi. we can see that Bledine and nestle score the highest numbers of moms. this table is showing us that bledine is the favourite of mum. bledine as the leader of the market won mum heart. and nestle simply his follower.

Question 2: HOW would you rate over totally the quality of these types of infant formula-?

VARIABLES MODALITES| Number of mums| Rate in (en %)| BLEDINE| 60| 80|

Nestle| 30| 60|

Farimi| 10| 20|

Total| 100| |

Analysis associated with Table N°2:

62 mums rate the quality of bledina to 80 percent although 30 mums think more than 100 the quality associated with nestle would be like 60 per cent. ultimately, only 10 mum consider the standard of farimi is 20percent. here we can point out that mum are extremely problem about the quality of the product they re getting for their children in addition to they think bledine have got the best quality accompanied by nestle.

Issue 3: what make u get attached to the specific product or any time buying a product for your second time what do u take into accounts? Table3

VARIABLES MODALITES| EFFECTIFS| Top of the particular range| 10|

Appeal in the produit| 5|

Value for money| 25|

Reliability| 30|

Country origin| 5|

Selectivity | 5|

The brand name name| 20|

Total| 100|

analysis of Table N°3:

On a 100s of mum, 30 believe that reliability of typically the product is the main factor when buying an item, 25 mums think that good value is A GOOD FACTOR WHEN buying a product followed simply by FOLOWED BY THE NAME BRAND.

Question 4: which one of these kinds of product is the least expensive?

Table 4:

VARIABLES Baby food| Number of mums| FARIMI| 60|

Bledine| 30|

Nestle| 10|

Total| 100|

Analysis of Table N°4

60 MUMS THINK THAT WILL farimi IS THE MOST AFFORDABLE FOLLOWED BY bledine in addition to nestle.

From The result of our survey we can conclude that bledine is typically the favourite of mums because of its good high quality and its value for money for money. other product such as nestle seems to be the most expensive as well as the quality is not what mums are expecting.

Perceptual mapping of the brand bledine IN benin




High Quality

High Price

Low Quality




Analysis of the diagram

From the diagram it can be seen of which Farimi is seeing since really cheap and bad high quality: t his is a new cheap brand, everyday brand name, Farimi is in difficulty: although moving in the way of a high value, this can be a below-average quality. Product sales will decrease or will happen when the customers don t have any some other possible option. Bledine in contrast to farimi, has an affordable and good quality, so this is almost certainly the many selling product. Nestle compare to bledine is quite expensive plus the quality is not really as good as bledine.

V-Competitive market share

Different threats experience the DANONE brand Bledine, however, another great brand name in BENIN MARKET OF FOODS FOR INFANTS IS NESTLE FOLLOWED BY FARIMI.

Nestle having to his credit score some known brand is usually the first greatest threat to bledine

With a global market share above 70%, the leader bledine push its competitors to adopt penetration strategy to enter in this sector. Major rivals such as Nestle, farimi tend to expand their particular catalog to cover the particular entire food market. Yet , the high number associated with references of such products groups can not make them to be able to have the ability to react as fast as bledine’ t market evolution.

Market share of child food in republic of benin

( source Benin chamber of commerce 2011)


Having applied these diverse marketing principles, the team DANONE has numerous advantages to his profit.

Having targeted their diverse market, DANONE will know and understand more the field of their different competitors like nestle and farimi. Having separated their sector of activity into 4 main group, the company is appreciating better what customers require by satisfying them.

The fact of which DANONE have positioned their products in a way that the consumers may always get attached to the particular product. Their refocusing about health and well becoming seems to have great effect in the company‘s growth. Even when it will certainly take a few years to collect full influence of this Strategy. the medical image of the group is more reliable, which usually is necessary for many years to come with alarming predictions on obesity.

As DANONE determine its market, it should be achievable for the promoters to satisfy up with the requires of each segment users more successfully than NESTLE and FARIMI can. DANONE is providing specifics items that are designed with regard to the consumers in each and every segment. for this reason they have been capable to be inside touch better with all of them. From the purchaser s opinion, this deserve spending much for, instead of purchasing a product that does not worth it, the customer will pay a little more for a thing that looks really much like the best product.

Simply by positioning themselves, DANONE may have a detailed eye upon his closest competitors, which usually will Make their merchandise more “ understandable” to be able to the target customers. This specific will be achieved simply by communicating the benefits associated with the product compared in order to existing products.

This will likely enable them to be able to Develop a range understandable by the customer: cost and benefits, Develop a new clear communication to typically the target.


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