Marketing And Distribution Network Of Amul Ice Cream

Marketing And Distribution Network Of Amul Ice Cream Essay Sample


• Enhance sales of Ice creams & promotion of Amul.

• Understand the market demand.

• buyer-consumer relationship strategy followed by the company

• Insight of the working trend of Amul

• Analyzing Supply Chain System of Amul.

• To provide any suggestions in the improvising of the current system and contribute in making the same executable

Understanding Distribution

• Amul has setup or hired 12 manufacturing Plants in Mumbai.

• From there ice cream is processed and kept with CnF agents appointed by Amul.

• It is then forwarded to Distributors which then forwards to Outlets in particular area allocated.

• And then from outlets it finally reaches to consumer.

•Amul Representatives are appointed to check and supervise each and every link in distribution Network.


• The methodology followed in the internship was basically Field job.

• This included visit to the markets either with salesman or individually and observing the communication done between the salesman and the retailer. Also understanding the requirement of market.

• Personal visits to malls, market, shops, stalls situated in the various part of the city, including Ghatkopar, Chembur, Tilaknagar, Govandi, Mankhurd and Vikhroli.


Every area differed from the other in respects of tastes and preferences.

Approaches to different segment.

Each retailer and their levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction varied from one another with respect to the various aspects involved in the sales and purchase, both from the supplier and consumer point of view .

I also got to know the tendency of ordering and behavioral of consumption of consumers.

From the areas visited, Mankhurd, Govandi and Tilaknagar area was seen as “Bottom of Pyramid” for brand.

Local Brands in certain areas give stiff competition to Amul by adopting differential pricing strategy.

Conclusions and Recommendations

• Amul must consider the profit Margins offered by different brands, to alter their own according to the demand.

• It is essential for the firm to understand the value of correct promotional campaigns that can have an impact on the sales.

• Communication link for conveying schemes.

• Improvise on Packaging methods to avoid damaging ofgoods.

• Deep freezers should be provided with proper racks for tri cones and candies

• Company should improvise on Packaging methods to avoid damaging of goods

• There has to be a centralized communication channel

• Company should consider on the supply of product in thepeak season, to meet with demand of the consumers and retailers alike during a certain point of the season.

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