Marketing: strategizes on the Youth

Marketing: strategizes on the Youth Essay Sample

“The growth in children’s advertising has been driven by efforts to increase not just current, but  also future, consumption. Hoping that nostalgic childhood memories of a brand will lead to a lifetime  of purchases..” The author of “Kid Kustomers”, Eric Schlosser is a very successful writer and  journalist who writes for Atlantic Monthly, and has previously written for The Rolling Stone, The  New­Yorker, and Vanity Fair where he has produced countless successful articles. “Kid Kustomers” by  Eric Schlosser is an essay written about the way marketing agencies have changed their target  demographic from adults to young children in hopes to create a “Cradle to Grave” advertising strategy.   Schlosser begins the essay by explaining the differences between marketing agencies 25 years  ago and today.

Before the 1980’s and 90’s, most marketing agencies only advertised for the  demographic that they knew would want their product at that time. That was until the  “Decade of the  Child consumer” as many marketing experts call it, where marketing agencies realized that working  parents are more willing to spend money on materialistic items for their kids to keep them happy. Most  all big marketing agencies around that time realized the potential opportunity they had to create a  loyal­for­life fan to their brand, so in turn most every ad agency created a children division to their  company.

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