Marketing Strategy For Bottled Water In Hong Kong (c3500a7)

Core proposition

This technique is about a fantastic offer of bottling water for your Hong Kong market as the target audience. Bottled water isn’t anything at all new within this certain market so many of them could be aware about generally the advantages regarding eating it above traditional standard water.


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It is normally most likely that merchandise may receive a amazing reception from these kinds of kinds of designed members since in the reality which it includes mineral deposits just like sodium chloride in addition to magnesium sulphate which often can be healthy and balanced regarding them.

This makes these people more healthy and far better mouth watering as compared to ordinary touch drinking water. This type of company of bottled normal water has vitamin D as a possible additional characteristic that means it is quite distinct from the other brands in the market and this is likely to make it stand out from the rest.

The central promise to the Hong Kong market is to offer them bottled water that will contribute to better health and will be obtainable with them because regarding its low rates. The caliber of the merchandise will be highly rated and customers can be this through INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG standards followed through the product’s production method (Raymond, 53).

Competitive positioning

The first thing of which will distinguish typically the product from typically the competitors’ offerings is usually the fact of which the newest brand may be healthier as compared to the offerings. It will eventually contain an extra mineral that is usually not prevalent consist of bottled water brand names inside the Hong Kong market which can be nutritional C. Because of this buyers can benefit coming from better defenses in opposition in order to diseases and much better functioning associated with physique organs.

This particular brand name may also be noticeable there from the particular market industry given that from the aggressive prices. This can be designed in order to be able in order to reach those individuals who may select to appreciate the particular benefits regarding drinking water in bottles yet would probably not keep the economic support to carry away so. Our products may also be environmentally pleasant.

The product packaging utilised as well as the manufacturing process is going to be environment friendly. This will be prone to appeal in order to those individuals that are highly concerned regarding the sustainability associated with consumer products (Laemer & Simmons, 71). Lastly, the item will be much better tasting than some other commodity in the particular market particularly in the dazzling market.


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Marketing objectives

  • To gain 25 % market share from the bottled water marketplace inside a period associated with one year.
  • To inform 60 per cent of the Hong Kong consumer marketplace about the product
  • To alter awareness of bottling drinking water in Hong Kong

These goals relate to the particular market share, placement and competitive location of the company. It should become noted that presently there are eleven bottling waters companies within the Hong Kong market previously plus some regarding all of them include Evian, Wintry mountain along with Iceni.

This indicates that to become realistic, the company has to interact with a fairly tiny market discuss which often in case is usually 20 five %. The particular best gamble for the firm would definitely be centering upon usually the sparkling marketplace due to the fact that this is usually the least competing i actually. electronic. just has 3 rivalling firms.

The other marketing aim concerns product turnover

  • To attain a 95% merchandise turnover
  • Marketing strategy

The customers for this merchandise could be the Hong Kong market. This will likely consist of of individuals coming from all parts regarding the region we. e. middle, lower and high earnings earners. All people need to replace their bodies together with the fluids supplied with the SME company and they will could therefore obtain this product. These kinds of potential consumers may be accessed in just a period of a single year.

The brand picture to be capable to be promoted is actually the high quality mineral water product with wonderful accessibility owing in order to have the ability to its costs. This unique marketing strategy might be communicating in order to people people who really own tv units and radios due to the fact those may become the advertising and marketing equipment. It may become some considerable part of the people because almost nearly all of all of them obtain access to these indicates related to communication.

In the technique, the specific company will be going to become trying to inform almost all of them regarding all the specific potential advantages associated with their own item and will furthermore be obtaining these to purchase it. They are going to certainly be persuaded for this due to the specific excellent taste, reduced value, high specifications identified in the items. The members together with this customers may be found inside of various areas regarding Hk as TV SET besides radio a couple of not really a trouble.

It may end up getting considerably better talk together with the audience coming from different times about the day these sorts of 9am, 13 noonday noontide, meridian, 3pm, 7pm inside addition to 9pm. Those will end up being the times any time folks tune directly into their particular television sets and it likewise would likely be a new very good time to capture their certain attention through particulars from the company. Generally the media method may be ad; inside particular tv set in addition to be able to radio advertisements.

Product development is usually going to end up being an essential part with this tactic credited to the reality the business is heading to be presenting a altered item from what precisely is already within the particular market presently; this will possess particular mineral improvements that will assist it flavor better.


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Packaging development may also become another essential stage from your technique due to the fact the item will certainly be positioned within very impressive packaging produced to attract the particular attention from the particular consumer while heading to supermarkets. Last but not least, the particular method will entail costs strategies. Here the merchandise will be marketed at a reduced value than other water in bottles brands in typically the market in order that it could penetrate to the industry (Laemer & Simmons, 8).


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