Marketing Strategy of Apple Computer Company

ar Marketing Strategy of Apple Computer Company April Hemphill Professor Brickhouse Bus 100 August 10,2011 Apple Computers Inc. is considered to be one of the innovators in the computer industry. It brought about different changes to the industry; these changes are still visible in the present. The company’s products were used as a basis by other computer company’s in designing the specifications and physical characteristics of their product. It also serves as a meter of how products are designed. The company offers various products for different market it targets.

The products made by the company offer something different. The paper will discuss about Apple Inc. and its products, and the markets it serves. Market orientation was evident in the idea to involve staff in making the kinds of internal changes to policies and procedures that could be linked to market place performance that external customers would value. This involves more than traditional marketing skills. The more orthodox approach to try to change staff attitudes by formal communications alone was rejected as superficial and unidirectional.

The shift to market orientation and customers first meant that the logic of existing organizational knowledge was reframed, seen from a different perspective. Thus, new knowledge was indeed “discovered” in a new patterning of the verities ( Lewis & Varey 2000). An organization’s strategic values are the rationale for the viability of a business and link the organization to its environment. These values are reflected in, and are a reflection of, the prevailing culture within the organization ( Lewis & Varey 2000). The market of Apple Inc. is students and professionals who need computers and other digital technologies.

This market is the one that needs devices that can keep their records and other personal or business information. This market is the one that needs devices that can give them entertainment even if they are not in their own home. This market is the one that would want devices that would not cause them to waste their time. The marketing orientation that the company tries to implement is deeper customer focus. This type of orientation provides assistance for the company to achieve their goals and provide effective service compared to competitors.

Marco environmental forces that shape the marketing environment When it comes to the law component of the marco environment Apple Computers Inc make sure they comply with what the law states in the country; they make sure that they comply with the regulated standards of the country. When it comes to the economy the company tries to adjust to the economic situation of their market. When it comes to thetechnology aspect of the marco environment, the company makes use of various technological innovations that help in increasing productivity and improving the quality of their products.

The demography aspect of the marco environment is used as a method of determining their target market. The culture aspect of the marco environment provides Apple computers Inc the information it needs to create products that most people will like and purchase. The society aspect of the marco environment dictates how long the company will stay in the industry. Nature as an aspect of the marco environment is used as a way for the company to improve its image to its clients. Micro environmental forces The micro environmental forces of the company include potential entrants.

The influence of potential entrants to the companies is weak. But to ensure that no other problem arise the company maintains low cost of unit production, this helps in making sure that the new entrant will not have advantage over them. Another micro envirnomental force is the competitive rivalry. Competitive rivalry affects the decisions made by the companies. Different things are done by both companies to ensure that they have advantage over their competitors. Moreover substitute which is a micro enviromental force that gives high influence to the companies since substitutes can make a company lose the clients it has.

Both companies make sure that the substitutes won’t give them much problem. Lastly the mirco environmental force of bargaining power of buyer and sellers highly influences both companies. SWOT analysis Apple’s strenght is the international popularity it has. The company is known throughout the world. Another strenght of the company is the strong brand name they have. The strong brand name is what makes the company and its products popular. Futhermore a strenght of the company is the effective advertising the company uses.

Lastly a strenght of environment Apple Computers Inc is its website that is easy to use, attractive, and informative. The main weakness of the company is the health issues when their product is partaken. The products they have can cause health problems when the user focus too much on using the product and forgets to do other important things. Lastly a weakness of the company is its inability to restrict certain age from using their product. Young children might use their product to see things they should really not see at their age.

Opportunity for the company is to create products that can give not only satisfaction to clients but health benefits as well. The company can create a product that will not cause much harm to the user’s health. An opportunity for the company is to find out more ways to give a distinctive look and features to their product. By doing this company will have competitive advantage over firms. Lastly an opportunity for the company is to reach newer territories not yet reached by its competitors. The threat to the company includes the law in the country they are operating in. nother threat to the company is the traiffs and taxes that the company has in different countries, each countries has its own rate of taxes and tariff. Lastly a threat to the company is complaints to the health problems that their product may cause. Its products may have some effect not liked by people. Market Segment The market segment of the company is divided into 4 classes. Each class represents a certain economic standing of people in the society. The company makes sure that they cover all the segments in the are operating in.

The company has specialized prices for the different market segment, this will ensure that the clients will have lesser doubts about taking a look at the company’s product and the products that they can afford. Target market The target market of the company involves almost all sectors of the society. They want to provide Apple Computers Inc to young or old, boy or girl. This target market is a larger source of income. The company has different marketing strategies that can cater to the taste and appeal of such markets.

The company makes sure that its stores and branches are located in the most profitable places where clients can easily see the store and they can be encouraged to visit the store and buy products. The company also makes sure that competition in the location they want to put up the branch will not be too heavy. Targeting strategy and positioning strategy The targeting strategy of Apple Computers Inc is concentrated on undifferentiated strategy wherein the entire market is targeted and a simple marketing mix is used on such market. The needs of the market are nearly similar thus targeting strategy is used.

The positioning strategy of Apple computers Inc. is concentrated on comparing what they can do to what their competitors can do. The information that they will acquire from the comparison of their capabilities assist them in determining the actions they will take in competing with their rivals and knowing their place in the market.


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