MLK: Beyond Vietnam – A Time to Break Silence

Many people see that living in the United States of America means to live the dream. A brave preacher stood the podium in Riverside Church in New York City on April 4 of 1967. “Beyond Vietnam – A Time to Break Silence” a speech that Dr. King claims that a war in Vietnam was breaking the hope of black and white. Dr. King begins his speech with rhetorical strategies that include logical, ethical, emotional to persuade his audience. However, towards the end of his speech, he awakes his audience emotions with his civil right leadership experience. “A Time to Break Silence,” the speech where Dr. King builds an argument speech with emotions, describing how families were impact and personal reflections against violence in Vietnam.

In his speech, Dr. King first mentions that he has “major reasons for bringing Vietnam into the field of my moral vision.” Where he claims that there’s a reason for hope for the poor, black and white people. Dr. King continues to talk about reasons why war is breaking the hope of black and white. Throughout his speech, he gives us evidence that is causing black and white to lose their hope. Dr. King even shares in his speech about his personal experience in the “ghettoes of the North over the last three years.”

One main point of being against the war is that not only was it taking hope away from white and black but it also brought devesting their homes. They started sending their sons, their brothers, and their husbands to fight. Someone’s son, uncle, brother, and husband was put out there to die in a high amount in the population. The majority being taking were young black men who had been rejected by society, due to their color. They were sending them “eight thousand miles away to guarantee liberties in Southeast Asia.” How is it possible America is known as the country of freedom? This is an offense not only to our society but the nation. The United States of America is famous for the…