Obstacles to Economic Development in Turkey

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This study examined, in a general context, the obstacles to economic development. Specifically, the Republic of Turkey was used as the research vehicle through which the obstacles to economic development were examined.

In this initial chapter, the theoretical bases for the examination of the obstacles to economic development are established. Political instability and the economic environment of Turkey are considered in Chapter 2. Specific factors that have acted as obstacles to economic development in Turkey are examined in the next four chapters, with terrorism dealt with in Chapter 3, population growth in Chapter 4, government involvement in the economy in Chapter 5, and income distribution patterns in Chapter 6. An overall assessment of the study findings, together with the conclusions drawn from those findings are presented in the final chapter.

Theoretical Bases for the Examination

The theoretical bases for the examination of the obstacles to economic development are considered in two major discussions. The first discussion emphasizes development models, while the concepts of economic growth are reviewed in the second discussion.

There are many ways by which development models may be classified. Development models may be grouped as those that posit a more or less universal transition from a (1) feudal mode of production and social structure to a capitalist one, or (2) traditional type of society, economy and culture, to one that is more modern in its main features.1 In each of these approaches to the analysis of development, the critical importance of the function of elites and of social mobilization are recognized.2 The best indicator of social mobilization is provided by the rate of urbanization.3

There are also the sequence and stage models of development. The two principal varieties of these models are (1) models involving standard stages, sequences, or paths of development, and (2) statements of relat…

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