On Turning Ten by Billy Collins

On Turning Ten is really a mournful poem by Billy Collins that shows the problems one faces when they will become older in existence. It is a bad overtone of the adjustments one starts witnessing when they transition to the age of ten within the family and social establishing. The author uses metaphors, imagery and also a negative connotation to be able to expound on these elements of the poem. It is a poem which has a critical thematic attribute associated with transition towards understanding the particular world better and typically the expected changes that are present in life. Typically the poem takes the readers through the different changes that will the narrator has faced and how reality provides dawned on the narrator on the specific adjustments in life. This document examines the usage of metaphors, images and negative overtone via the poem to create an analysis of the composition.

In typically the first stanza, the narrator juxtaposes turning ten together with the worst stomachache, headache, measles spirits and mumps of the psyche. The particular narrator uses the metaphorical phrases to paint the picture of the poor condition that he offers faced while moving in order to a new age. The different conditions including “ disfiguring chicken pox of the soul” serves as part of the metaphorical key phrases that the author has used. The use of key phrases that are being attracted to paint the bad picture the narrator faces which often have been mainly exaggerated are critical in indicating the condition that the narrator faces. It is an important attribute that will has been developed simply by the author towards discovering and creating an unfavorable overtone of the actions which were identified in the new life. The narrator also uses metaphors in the last stanza while noting that “ Nevertheless when I fall upon the sidewalks of lifestyle, I skin my legs and bleed” which is usually also aimed at showing the problems the narrator is facing. The sidewalks of life have already been used being a metaphor to be able to mean problems in life with bleeding being the particular consequences. The author provides used the metaphorical terms perfectly to expound on the massive issues that the narrator faces within a new age. Turning ten shows the earliest age whenever the narrator has attained a two-digit age. Typically the age ten is just considerable since it represents age when the narrator stops being referred to a new single digit in his age group towards gaining double numbers.

Imagery provides been extensively used inside the poem as the particular author aims to highlight these kinds of issues perfectly within the composition. For instance, in typically the second stanza, the narrator highlights that “ From four I was a good Arabian Wizard, I can make myself invisible… … At seven I was a new soldier, at nine a prince. ” The narrator uses all these different roles to indicate the different stages and characteristics that he faced in life. The simplicity and perfect life that the author had in the earlier can only be expounded through the fact that the images represented a new character that the narrator wanted to emulate. All the pleasures have since recently been removed and there have got been massive problems of which the narrator has experienced as a result of the set modifications. All of the changes indicate an essential pattern which is firmly modeled on the important adjustments that the narrator has already established to reflect on more than time. In the third stanza, the narrator notes that will “ my bicycle never ever leaned against the garage since it does today just about all the dark blue velocity drained of it. ” Mcdougal, in this case, uses imagery to show the shift and changes that the narrator has had to face in the new life. I a world where the narrator has faced a fresh chapter in life in addition to different responsibilities, embracing modify have been a difficult attribute to accommodate inside life. The use of imagery has been the critical object towards supervising a newer and far better model that is inculcated under the present problems and expectations of others towards him. The social characteristics and activities which were current in the past have got become difficult to accept since the world continues to be entirely turned and better procedures have been adopted. The use of imagery provides been perfectly modeled in addition to created towards overseeing a more recent and better scope associated with change needed in existence.

The unfavorable connotation is used flawlessly in the poem in order to highlight a series regarding different thematic attributes as highlighted within the poem. Change is one of the particular major themes that typically the author aims to indicate in the poem. In the 2nd stanza, the narrator records that “ You tell me it is too early to get looking again, but that is the fault you possess forgotten the perfect ease of being one in addition to the beautiful complexity released by two. ” The negative connotation raised in this case that shows up as a direct communication by having an adult indicates that change is difficult in any stage. The melancholic mood from the whole composition is indicative of this fact as the interpersonal paradigm and model the narrator' s faces have been compounded by the adjustments indicated perfectly. The main attributes which have been indicated map a critical change that will is needed within the particular system and are important towards outlining the main changes that the child has faced. Although the particular child is only switching ten, it is a critical era to the narrator considering that the changes that typically the narrator faces compound this specific fact. The negative meaning is additionally evident in the particular fourth stanza in which the narrator notes that “ this is the beginning regarding sadness, I say to myself, when i walk by means of the universe in my sneakers… …. good-bye to an imaginary friends. ” The negative connotation indicates that the writer does not want to be able to accept the imminent modifications that will be present in future and does not look forward to getting from the models that have been identified. This is indicative of the pattern that has recently been drawn through the composition and essentially extrapolates the key thematic attributes that are essential towards change in the narrator’ s life.

In conclusion, the author has completely integrated metaphors, imagery plus negative connotation to create the theme of alter in the poem. Symbolism has been extensively employed in the poem as the narrator uses different images to indicate the main attributes and changes that typically the narrator faces. It is a critical element that has been based on the main designs as indicated through the particular different forms of research thereby inculcating the primary themes indicated accordingly. The particular poem has been perfectly modeled along with a negative overtone that compounds the changes that the child concerns. The author connects the particular different parts perfectly towards raising the issues needed in the poem.