One other Workforce Threats In the UAE (3fd0022)


UAE is a country that has been developing at a fast rate over the last few years thanks to incredible oil and gas reserves. One of the most significant aspects that should be considered is the number of expatriates. The attention of foreign staff is the maximum in this region (Suter 4). Malit and Youha express that “the UAE attracts both reduced and high-skilled migrant workers due to their economic attractiveness, comparative political stability, in addition to modern infrastructure” (par. 2).


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In additional terms, many view this being a most effective alternative when considering the migrants. Data indicate of which usually non-national population experienced been steadily growing coming from 06\ to 08 through close to become able to 4 million persons in order to more as compared to the method 7 million and offers been stable before since (Hamza 85). The dissimilarity relating to the numbers of nearby citizens and expatriates can be seen since a good issue since it prospects to many threats.

Current Threats

Social Threats

It should end up being said that foreign workers often do not understand the conservative views of the population (Crabtree 585). Their behavior and ethical norms are dramatically different from those of native citizens, in addition to it may end up being considered a important threat for the lifestyle (Alzaabi 36).

The influence regarding foreigners may enhance over the moment, and it would certainly have a huge impact on traditions within the UAE. The main religion in this particular specific country will be Islamic, and spiritual opinions of expatriates in many cases are quite different and it leads to disagreements. The fact that immigrants may have a tremendous ability to control the political situation should also not be disregarded.

Also, one of the major issues is that the number of foreigners grows disproportionally, and it may cause issues with national identity (Awad 45). There is also a tremendous disparity between the numbers of male and female immigrants. It is caused by the fact that foreign workers prefer jobs that require physical strength mostly.

Economic Threats

It is imperative to discuss the threat to the economy. An investigation displays that the general productivity of labor force within the UAE has been steadily reducing within 2008 compared in order to 2007 (Awad 38). It could become due to numerous components like adjustments within wages in inclusion to others. For instance, the productivity within the construction industry is leaner by simply twenty three, 6% in inclusion to lower simply by twenty-three, 5% within real estate house sector (Awad 38).

The really first percentage will be specially worrying due to the fact that is a good vital industry with regard to usually the countries which usually can be always actively developing. Usually the difference between usually the unskilled and qualified workers is amazing, and it furthermore was seventy 9, 2% the other such as 20, 8% correspondingly inside 2010 (Awad 23). The numbers usually are worrying, nonetheless it requires to be mentioned that the specific situation provides been getting far better over time, and typically the need for certified employees has recently been increasing.


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Inflations should furthermore be discussed due to the fact they have frequently been quite difficult for the UAE. It is essential to convey that several factors can lead to this kind of situations. The issue is that will dramatic changes in trade rates might be observed beneficial for a few expatriates, the raises in prices are really common, and also this may possibly be hard so as to afford rent regarding some individuals.

It is necessary to deal together with the belief that the real estate industry is influenced simply by pumpiing the the the greater part of when compared with additional people, and typically the expense of rent gives increased by 10% in 2015 (Bouyamourn par. 5). It is very important understand that the particular economy through the UAE may become genuinely unstable if any sort of issues that may possibly affect low-skilled as well as low-income workers usually are usually present since it is amazingly influenced by all regarding them (Awad 44).

The habits regarding expatriates of these kinds of durations is considerably diverse than most of the a single that is typically demonstrated by inhabitants. Yet , it is usually usually necessary to be able to know that such labour provides helped typically the state to help keep pumpiing levels with a fresh relatively low-level. On the other hand, it has not really been stable because the increase in typically the particular amount of global labor has aimed to a lessen in the basic productivity of typically the particular workforce within just the UAE, but it will surely be considered to be one associated with the primary leads to of inflation.

National Security Threats

It is essential in order to understand that this kind of huge differences between numbers of local people and non-natives might lead to serious problems in situation there exists a military discord (Alzaabi 35). Furthermore, it is likely that there are usually numerous terrorist organizations on the place of the UAE that are looking for an opportunity to strike (Alzaabi 35). The balance may be at risk because there are usually no technologies that will can be utilized to prevent terrorist attacks.

One regarding the the the greater part of dangerous elements that will ought to be regarded as is usually the fact of which illegal migration clears pathways for medicine trafficking (Lori 320). This can be a threat to be able to any country since it is identified which it can destruction the economy. Into the well-being of typically the citizens are likewise in danger, as a result of consequences of drug abuse and possible clashes that may take place. The potential of drug battles really should not be disregarded, in addition to necessary measures need to be taken up stop such activities.

Human Rights Focus

It is essential to make note of that several foreigners are now living in daunting conditions, and also this will cause issues with wellbeing most of the particular particular time (Hamza 92). The condition may quickly spread simply in case a few of all are contaminated due to the particular fact most usually perform not get the vaccination, as nicely as the therapy is frequently postponed because associated with the present healthcare system. This will be furthermore paramount in purchase to note that will international workers phase protests sometimes, plus these individuals are extremely uncommon in UAE, plus they are usually towards law (Hamza 109).

Citizens are certainly not utilized in order to such conduct plus often show their own negative views. It really is incredible that will some associated along with the foreign employees were deported due to the fact of this. People that experience becoming not paid plus hard workplace atmosphere may become really dangerous and try illegal actions due to the unstable emotional condition. It is essential to take note that native people view foreign labour as a take care of, and it also often qualified prospects to conflicts in addition to tension.


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Both understand that they are treated differently by the government, and it is an immense issue. Riots may often result in damage to property, and many natives could also be injured. The treatment of foreign workers leads to clashes and stress together with governments regarding additional countries. They may demand that their particular particular rights regarding expatriates ought to be handled (Alzaabi 37).

National Unemployment

One in the largest concerns is typically the fact many businesses prefer foreign employees because they are actually content with very much reduced wages (Hamza 85). The approach of which typically the existing government discounts using this matter may be described considering that ineffective, and certified prospects to a new concern. Alzaabi states of which “the within UAE unemployment has its own dangerous effects on the society and on the national economy because unemployed individuals are a burden on their families and on the community” (46).

Differently put, their contribution to the economy regarding the country is restricted. However, it need to be stated that that is not simply the because of foreign nationals. Many individuals try to get the education and learning that will allow these people to receive fantastic wages, but the particular proven fact that such vacancies are limited will be not considered (Alzaabi 46).

It is interesting that will there is a good opinion that this fact that so many natives cannot find a job may perhaps cause them to be in a position to illegal routines (Lori 322). That undoubtedly may end up being real because many adults in typically the UAE attempt criminal offenses. The particular initiatives of the certain government to package with this certain problem have previously been less prosperous because expected so far.


Remittance will be likewise a severe concern that will end up being due to the fact that foreign staff possess limited options in order to be able to spend the funds that will they will have gained. Stats signify that remittance in 2014 provides been twenty eight, 25bn dollars (John par. 3). This can be declared that expatriates have the significant contribution due to the fact the biggest quantities of money had recently been brought to Indian (John par. 2).

It will end up being also interesting of which will UAE is probably the top countries regarding remittance, and that limitations the growth. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that will international economics advantages using this scenario. One regarding the greatest concerns will be of which outflows much exceed inflows.


There are usually numerous ways within which current problems can be resolved. First of almost all, current policies ought to be addressed. Suter states that “the lowered costs associated with migration increase the particular attractiveness of migration as a way to shift risk” (12). This particular means that the present system is seen as extremely beneficial for immigrants because the whole process is not that complicated. Necessary measures should be taken, and policies should be much stricter.


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The qualification of workers should be taken into consideration during the review of documents. One of the biggest issues that should not be disregarded is illegal migrants because presently there happen to be numerous instances when some associated with them do not really leave when these people have to based on their contracts.

For example, 173 individuals were apprehended in Abu Dhabi over a brief period of couple of days inside last year (Lori 329). This is usually interesting, exactly just how many would come to be arrested issue sort of operations have been carried out everyday. The authorities requires to develop a far better system to realize illegitimate immigrants. Furthermore, that is required to be able to increase the treatment regarding the foreign staff because it will cause numerous conflicts in addition to disagreements. The concerns with national protection should also end up being addressed because typically the well-being of people is paramount.


In bottom line, the other workforce may possibly undoubtedly be looked at as a risk t UAE. This specific situation is due to numerous factors that ought to be addressed because typically the safety and health in the natives inside addition to foreign nationals should not actually take threat. An individual should produce a fresh broad range relating to policies that would certainly certainly assistance to be able to solve existing concerns.

The the majority of paramount concern will be segregation because it will be rather than a highly effective method regarding battling with dangers which may be caused by just foreign workers. Complete, the present federal authorities tries to repair most paramount troubles, nonetheless it will be not necessarily simple, and many obstacles that prevent the particular introduction of brand new laws are currently existing.

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