Open letter to Donald Trump

President Trump,

I like the freshness you have brought into American politics. You say exactly what is on your mind and remain true to your sacred message of “America first”. You have stayed steady while not concealing yours despise for those you consider unwanted foreigners.

You have been endeavored to execute your campaign vows and promises with a level of purpose we are longing to see more African leaders.

In this regard, I think African leaders have a thing or more to learn from you.

While our landscape is littered with broken glasses of promises. Our nation, Nigeria is by no means the Shit hole you think it to be. I know, like most Americans, you obliviously think Africa is one nation. it isn’t Mr. President. There are about 53 countries on the continent of Africa

Like many of our compatriots, we are well aware of the serious challenges faced across the continent: poor governance, unacceptably high unemployment, inadequate public healthcare and education systems that, while improving, remain below the levels needed for us to bootstrap ourselves out of poverty. Many of us are clear-eyed about our difficulties, and how to tackle them and are doing just that.

But like the US, Africa is so much more than the sum of its shortcomings. It is a vibrant, beautiful continent populated by proud people who daily face their challenges head-on, with dignity and with courage, creativity, and ingenuity.

Like any region in the world, some of our people look abroad to find their fortunes (or their safe havens), while others stay home to make their way in the world. You need only visit countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and our own Nigeria to see how more and more African nations are embracing democracy, whilst building lasting institutions and robust economies that can offer their children the exciting opportunities that have been in short supply for so long.

There is no perfect country, America isn’t the perfect place many of us naively think it is. This is why I am inviting you to Lagos, Nigeria.