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Notice Of Lease And Terms


Notice is hereby provided of the existence of the
following lease:

1. LESSOR: _

2. LESSEE: _


4. TERM OF LEASE is _ years commencing on _, 19_
and ending on _, 19_.





State of _
County of _ Date: _

Then personally appeared _
who acknowledged the foregoing, before me.

[Notary Seal] Notary Public

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New Customer Free Gift


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the city of
[city] You have certainly chosen a lovely area to
buy your new home.

As our way of welcoming you, we have enclosed a gift
certificate that entitles you to 10% off the regular
price of having your carpets and upholstery cleaned. We
are fully equipped to shampoo or steam clean, deoderize
and scotch guard your carpets while giving attention to
any trouble spots and protecting your carpet and your
furniture during this service.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you
the fine work we do and the expertise of our bonded

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Pre-Arranged Appointment Missed


On [date] our serviceman came to your home to
install your new [product] and found that there
was no one there. This was the date that we had arranged
for installation, but I know that things like this can

I would appreciate it if you will call me at [telephone],
so that we can arrange a convenient time to have this work
done for you.

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Payment By Installments Agreement


As inducement for you to approve and ship the captioned
entity’s order for [specify] and ancillary equipment,
________________________, hereinafter called the guarantor
agrees to guarantee payment of the [number] installments
of the [number] year conditional sales contract.

Guarantor acknowledges and agrees that it may receive a
substantial benefit from the said agreement between [name
of supplier] and [name of user].

By ______________________
Dated ______________________

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Employee Invention Agreement


FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, and in consideration of the
undersigned being employed by_ [Company]; the undersigned
hereby agrees, acknowledges and represents:
1. The undersigned, during the course of employment, shall
promptly disclose in writing to the company all
inventions, discoveries, improvements, developments
and innovations whether patentable or not, conceived
in whole or in part by the undersigned or through
assistance of the undersigned, and whether conceived
or developed during working hours or not, which:
a] Result from any work performed on behalf of
Company, or pursuant to a suggested research
project by the Company, or
b] Relate in any manner to the existing or contemplated
business of the Company, or
c] Result from the use of the Company’s time, material,
employees or facilities.
2. The undersigned hereby assigns to the Company, its
successors and assigns, all right, title and interest
to said inventions.
3. The undersigned shall, at the Company’s request,
execute specific assignmnets to any such invention and
execute, acknowledge, and deliver any additional
documents required to obtain letters patent in any
jurisdiction and shall, at the Company’s request and
expense, assist in the defense and prosecution of said
letters patent as may be required by Company. This
provision shall survive termination of employ with the

Signed under seal this _ day of _, 19_.


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Insurance Services Rates


Insurance rates are competitive! Before you renew your
existing Group Medical Insurance package, we would like
to take a moment of your time to let you know what’s been
going on at [COMPANY NAME].

We offer a complete medical plan, including: Life and
Accidental Death Coverage, $100.00 per individual –
$300.00 per family deductable, 80% Major Medical with
Stop Loss and $300.00 Accident benefit.*

The monthly cost for [COMPANY NAME] Plan for
businesses with between 3 to 12 employees is $41.88 per
individual and $100.00 per family. Our rates for
businesses who have more than 12 employees are similar,
but must be quoted individually.

We take pride in being able to offer this coverage for
these low rates and in our reputation for handling claims
in a speedy and efficient manner, with the least amount
of paper work possible.

Thank you for giving me this moment. For more information
on [COMPANY NAME] Medical Plan, please call any of our
service representatives at (813) 457-4488.

* A Medicare Supplement Plan and Pregnancy Coverage are
available as options to our basic policy.

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Tenant Must Carry Own Liability Insurance


In case you have not had an opportunity to read through
the Master Lease, please note that there is an insurance
clause that requires the tenant to carry public liability
insurance of $000,000/$0,000,000 and property damage
insurance of $000,000. The landlord, [name],
must be named as additional insured.

Inasmuch as we are sub-leasing these offices to you, please
have [name] named also, and ask your agent
to send us a notice to that effect.

Thank you very much.

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Installment Loan Book Enclosed


Thank you for the recent opportunity of serving you in our
Installment Loan Department. The coupon book enclosed is
provided for your convenience in making payments on your
note. It will furnish you with a record of payments. We
are certain that you will appreciate the convenience
afforded by this book.

Please make all payments directly to us. They may be made
at any teller’s window, including the drive in, or payments
may be made by mail. Checks or money orders should be made
payable to [name of bank]

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in any
of the other numerous banking services that we offer
including checking accounts, savings accounts, trust
department and investment counseling.

Please feel free to drop in anytime at your convenience to
discuss your further needs with our staff.

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Notice Of Lien Upon Property In Warehouse


In accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, or Warehouse
Receipt Act,____________________________ hereby gives notice
that it has a lien upon property stored within their
facilities by you, for your account, or in which you claim
an interest, amounting to the sum of $ which is now
due and described as follows:

The goods against which the lien of this company exists
consists of_______________________________________________
received on _____________________, as evidenced by our
warehouse receipt under Lot No._____________, issued in the
name of _________________.

We hereby demand that the amount of $ be paid in cash,
or by money order or certified check on or before__________,
and notify you that unless said claim is paid wihin the
herein specified time, the goods will be advertised for sale
and sold at Public Auction at our warehouse, or Public
Auction house located at ___________________________________
on _________________, sale beginning at ____.

The proceeds of such sale shall be applied to the payment of
the amount of the lien, including reasonable charges of
notice, sale and advertisement. If there is a deficiency
after said sale, you shall be held liable for said
deficiency and judgment may be entered against you.

No employee or agent of this Company has the authority to
permit the release or withdrawal of any portion of the goods
from a public auction sale upon receipt of a payment on
account of less than the entire amount due, except by
written agreement. The acceptance of a payment of less than
the full amount due in the absence of a written agreement
shall not constitue a waiver on the part of this Company to
proceed with the herein described sale.


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Request For Leave Of Absence For Honeymoon


As you may have heard, I am getting married on [date].
It is with this in mind that I am requesting a thirty
(30) day leave of absence.

My fiance is able to combine a business trip to [place]
with our honeymoon, and I would hate to miss this rare

I will be back at my desk, with my full attention to the
sales department, as always, on [date].

If you need any additional information, please contact
me at extension ___, in the sales department.

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