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Advent Case Study

Advent Case Study Advent Corporation has successfully marketed a series of audio products and is now considering entry into the large-format television market. Alternatively, the company may enter highquality television in traditional sizes. At this point, the company must find a way to determine the best direction for its various products, and capitalize on the reputation of its founder and its reputation for producing high quality products at competitive prices. This may necessitate a departure from the way in which the company has conducted its business and marketing in the past. Advent was founded by Henry Kloss, an entrepreneur with previous business experience in consumer electronics. Much of Advent's success…
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Valuation of Johnstown Corporation

Valuation of Johnstown Corporation CAPITAL GENERATION AND VALUATION OF THE FIRM: REPORT OF FINDINGS Two capital generation alternatives for the Johnstown corporation were evaluated. The findings of this evaluation are presented in a separate section of this report. The market value of the firm was estimated through the application of alternative methodologies. The findings of these estimates also are presented in a separate section of this report. Recommendations with respect to both capital generation and the advisability of a decision to sell the firm are presented at the end of this report. Evaluation of Capital Generation Alternatives The Johnstown Corporation desires to generate $7.5 million in new capital. Two alternative…
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The German Market

The German Market Germany increased the size of its consumer population by 12 million with the reunification of the two German entities, East Germany with West Germany. This reunification involved the most economically powerful country in the emerging EC--West Germany--and one of the poorer countries of the former Warsaw Pact--East Germany. It was speculated at the time that this shift would damage Germany's economic strength, and indeed it has placed a strain on it as the people of East Germany have some way to go before catching up with their western counterparts. Still, Germany remains an economic powerhouse and a good market for a number of goods from other regions.…
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Missing Deadlines & Cash Flow Problems

Missing Deadlines & Cash Flow Problems Missing Deadlines and Cash Flow Problems. At present, delays in converting accounts receivable into cash result in the need to borrow money from our bank using our working capital line of credit. As a result, we are looking for ways to improve our cash flow. I have conducted an analysis of the process associated with matching the field service reports with the field service invoices since, as you know, we cannot invoice customers for services performed without a copy of the field service report. Here is what I found: Average number of service calls per month: 900 Invoice terms of service invoices Net 30…
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Meat Products Trade

Meat Products Trade MEAT PRODUCTS TRADE BETWEEN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY AND THE UNITED STATES This research examines the meat products trade between the European Community (EC) and the United States (US). Both red-meat and poultry meat products are included in this examination. One focal point of this examination concerns the effects of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the treaty establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO) likely will have on the meat products trade between the EC and the US. The most serious and long-running dispute between the EC and the US in relation to meat products trade involves the EU ban on the importation of meat…
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Japan’s Post World War II Economic Development

Japan's Post World War II Economic Development Influences of Confucian Traditions on Japan's Post World War II Economic Development As Japan arose, like a phoenix from the ashes, after the destruction of World War II, great strides were taken to transform its economy. In contemporary society, it is a given that Japan is a global economic power. This was not always so. The remarkable transformation of the Japanese economy after World War II was largely influenced by Confucianism, an ideology that has had a long history in Japanese society and culture. This paper argues that Confucianism played a major role in Japan's economic revival, discussing its basic tenets and the…
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INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Introduction This This research provides an overview of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Covered in this overview is the historical development that prompted the creation of the organization, the founding of the IMF, membership requirements, the role of the IMF in the enhancement of international trade, and current activities of the organization to include some financial statistics. The impetus for the creation of the IMF was provided by events which staggered the international economy from 1929 to the beginning of the Second World War (Horsefield, 1992, p. 5). Attempting to maintain domestic economic stability and retain international market positions during this time period, most countries engaged in…
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Four Types of Market Orientation

Four Types of Market Orientation The market orientation that a firm adopts varies depending on the product life cycle, the level of competition within the market, and external factors such as the economic environment. Companies are likely to modify their market orientation over the life cycle of a particular product, and it is common for a single company to have different products with different orientations. There is no one orientation that is appropriate for all products, and the changing environment and global market in which today's companies operate mean that orientations are likely to undergo rapid change. Despite the importance that market orientation plays in a company's success, many companies…
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Financial Institutions
1. How profitable has Merc

Financial Institutions 1. How profitable has Merc 1. How profitable has Merchants National Bank been in recent years? What is the trend in earnings? The five year period reported in exhibit 7-1 and 7-2 have seen a reasonable growth in Merchants National Bank(s (herein noted as MNB) prospects. The ratio of total income to total expenses shows a favorable upswing in the most recent year. The 8 percent five years ago, 9 percent last year, and 12 percent in the most recent year shows a considerable growth in the most recent year and compares better than average with the 7 percent, 9 percent, and 8 percent in the same periods…
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Financial Futures Market

Financial Futures Market The financial futures market overtook futures trading in commodities in the 1980s, and this was a direct result of the increase in financial uncertainty. Dealing in this market is far less stringently supervised than is trading in commodity futures. The practice of trading in foreign currency developed in the 1960s and 1970s with dealing "forward" (a sale to be completed at an agreed to price three or six months ahead) as well as "spot" (an immediate sale). These markets were considered inflexible from the point of view of the customer, and contracts to buy and sell were tied to a specific date and were between particular buyers…
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