Personality Profile: Barrack Hussein Obama Assignment

The paper “Personality Profile: Barrack Hussein Obama” is an outstanding example of a psychology assignment.

Despite this person having a humble background with his father hailing from a small village in an East African country, he rose to clinch one of the topmost positions in the world politics. This person is ambitious because he has persevered all challenges in the political arena so that he can achieve his long-term dream. In addition, this position faces frequent critics by the world and local leaders but this person has portrayed that he is courageous to overcome them (Parvis, 2009).

His behaviour and leadership traits have enabled him to rise to the highest political post. This has been as a result of his law career that requires one to be social with people around. Being in the law sector has, therefore, shaped his character as a responsible and serious person when it comes to political issues (Sutcliffe, 2010).

This person is in the stage of self-actualization. He has therefore been able to satisfy psychological, safety, love and esteem needs. He has met these needs through the use of his personal traits, hard work and personal skills (Sutcliffe, 2010).

This person uses projection as a psychological defence system. He achieves this through justifying his actions that may be found atrocious or even heinous. His past relationships with scholars, successful politicians and other advisors gave him the courage to run for the highest political seat in United States politics. In addition, his respect to all people irrespective of social class and gender helped him get enough votes to help him get to a white house. This person is none other than United States president Barrack Hussein Obama (Parvis, 2009).