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Whether we realize it or not, we tend to justify someone’s personality based on their birth ranks. This stereotyping of personalities on birth order was first proposed and developed by Alfred Adler on 1964. Some would say that these sterotypes of personalities are purely coincidental, but there are solid psychological reasons why many people fit the mold.

Here are some basic birth order personality types. Are they true for you?


Firstborns are natural leaders. They like to be in charge and want everything to go on their way. Firstborns act like an adult because they lie and are exposed in their parent’s presence. They are diligent and excel in everything they do especially winning the hearts of the elders.

PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND: Alfred Adler believed that the first born child in a family receives plenty of attention. However, the huge amount of attention would diminish after the second child was born. Hence, the first child would be dethroned. They are considered as natural leaders because they handle responsibilities at an early age by taking care of their siblings.


Middle children often feel that they acquire the least attention, which made them lean into peers since they feel they don’t have a place within the family. However, these middle children are independent, extremely competitive, cooperative, and usually act as a peacemaker since their middle role allows them to see both sides.

PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND: Alfred Adler believed the middle child grew up sharing the attention with the first born. Adler believed that since these children grew up sharing the attention, they are more likely to cooperate.


Lastborns shoulder less responsibilities, so they tend to be more carefree, sociable, and creative. But while, the youngest child may posses the charm, they have a potential to be spoiled, self-centered, and manipulative.

PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND: According to Adler, the last born can’t be dethroned by the other siblings. The younger sibling seems to have no followers but can be manipulative towards the older siblings using their charms.


They share many of the same traits of firstborns and usually shoulder parents high expectations and responsibilities. They prefer the company of adults and like to be the adult’s center of attention. Sometimes, only child can be spoiled and self-absorbed because of the close relationship with their parents.

PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND: Only children are usually the miracle babies so they are treated with enormous care and love by their parents and the people around them. I know from direct observations that birth order can influence a person’s personality, but so can a variety of other considerations. These factors include socioeconomic background, family structure, gender, age gap, etc. It is crucial to not base a personality exclusively on the birth order of the child, the complete picture needs to be evaluated.

Do the birth order personality types ring true for you and to the people you personally know?

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