Policy analysis on at-risk population

The world thinks highly about children and women but consistently fail to support them and promote their ideas. Women have over the time been considered as the weaker gender in societies and often denied the opportunity to act in bigger roles. Children have also been victims of the look down and have often been pushed to be mere spectators. At work, school or home environments, both women and children have seen their contributions in crucial matters come second to those of the men and older adults. Several studies have shown how various societies in the world still disregard children and lack confidence in women. Discrimination of the female gender and of young individuals in the social world has led to them being endangered in terms of career, social, political and economic fronts.  Both women and youngsters contribute more than two thirds of the whole population but face various social problems. Children and youth are the most people in most countries and need a lot of protection and support in order to achieve their set objectives.  Workplaces and school is where discrimination begins and spreads to all works of life. Ensuring that the whole population is educated and ach one has equal opportunities will make the society prosper. Contributions in building the nation should be equal across all genders and across all ages.

Women and children have always been cited as most susceptible to discriminations around the world. Unlike other less fortunate groups, children and women have a higher population in most cases. Due to the high populations of women and young people in society, they have great potentials and only need little help and support. Educating the young people means that the next generation is well prepared to take over. Discriminations on the other hand reduce the potentials of tomorrow by not allowing kids to have an opportunity to work towards achieving goals and realizing their full potentials. Governments and other social institutions have contributed to discriminations on children and women. The society needs a shift towards keeping all groups well catered for in the society.

The female gender has faced varied societal difficulties over time. Early marriages and pregnancies roped most of the promising young girls their potentials. Women risk failing to meet their full potential due to early pregnancies and marriages reduce them to young mothers. Governments need to put strict policies that protect girls from getting married while still young (Rosemary, 2014).  When a teenager daughter is married she will be overwhelmed by her new roles as a wife and mother and would hence end up dropping from school. The society need to educate the young girls about early pregnancies and come up with strong policies that protects them from being impregnated and left to struggle for themselves. Children face risks such as lack of adequate basic needs and education. This often prevents them from achieving their full potential. Food security needs to be a priority in budget allocation for every country to ensure that children do not lack food. Provision of other basic commodities should also be a significant priority for nations. Polices that protect the food security should be implemented. 

Women have dreams and other personal goals but some fail to meet their goals due to domestic issues. Family violence and harassments have been known to affect a good population of ladies around the world. Women who suffer such domestic chaos may have social and physiological issues. This violence in the family makes the womenfolk less and less productive and affects their quality of life. Laws that inhibit domestic viciousness should be written to protect the woman at home. Children too can be victims of domestic commotions. A child that faces domestic violence may fail to grow well and frequently fall short of their personal goals (Rosemary, 2014). For children to fulfill their full potential, they need a good and educative environment.  They also need support and direction in everything they do. When they are supported, children often emerge with great skills and expertise.  

Men are not created better than women and most people think otherwise. When the society discriminates the female gender then women faces hard challenge to succeed and proof the society wrong. Various governmental and private institutions have higher populations of male employees as compared to the females. This puts women at a risk of losing grip in the chase to play equal roles as men in the society. Young people are also discriminated upon by the others in the society and are frequently denied leadership and other major roles within the society. Discriminations based on gender and age is a bad practice and would end up producing an imbalanced society.  Everyone in society should be given the best environment to achieve their objectives and nobody should be disadvantaged. 

A gender based policy needs to be employed to reduce the discrimination on women and children. Preserving political and leadership positions for women is so important in ensuring that women contribute adequately in the society. Private companies need to preserve some of their crucial roles exclusively for the female employees.  When the public and the private sectors reserve particular roles for women only then only women will compete for the positions hence reducing the dominance of men in work related positions (Rosemary, 2014).  More and more females will take governmental and company positions hence encouraging others to work hard. When more roles are played by women in the society then people will change their mind sets and the whole culture will eventually realize that women are equal to men. 

Children should also be allowed to make decisions especially those that concern their lives. Parents should learn to include their kids in decision making. This will give them confidence and make them better in their lives. Conserving of roles within the family for children and guiding them to carry out bigger roles will ensure that kids grow up with a good mentality (Pugh, 2010). Some leadership position within the government and private companies should be protected for the youth and other young people.  Youth have energy and great potential and giving them more roles in the society will provide great effects in the corporate world.  Drugs and drug abuse is one of the major issues facing the youth and children. Drugs have killed dreams for many young and promising people some have even had mental problems and therefore fail to live up to their capacities. Sexually transmitted ailments like AIDS have also been a major contributor in most disasters in the lives of young men and women. Several research works have pointed fingers to idleness as the main reason why teenagers turn to drugs. 

Some countries have set laws that prevent any workplace from employing more than a certain percentage of one gender of the whole employee population. This happens when a company is forced by law to balance the both genders in its workforce. No one gender should exceed a particular fraction of the whole workforce. Such a policy will ensure that both men and women are employed on almost equal portions and thus no gender is left to lag behind (Pugh, 2010). A certain portion of the employee population may also be required to be of young people below a certain age. Passing a law that prevents employers from hiring more elderly people over the youth will assist in providing opportunities for the youth to shine. A young person needs to be busy with work related activities to avoid the use of drugs. Social eca

 Young people would need to learn to make good decisions in their early stages of life through the help of their parents. The society therefore needs to adopt policies that promote practical learning and role based education for young children. Parents and teachers act as mentors of young people and should therefore give them the best opportunities to utilize their strengths and work on their weakness. The youth deserve more and more opportunities to exploit their learned skills and use their energy to achieve corporate and individual goals. It is often said that young people are the leaders of tomorrow and need guidance and chances to proof their potential. Reserving specific positions in the government and within the business environment for the youth is a policy that should be applied across all nations. Women too have great potentials and have lacked chances to showcase their abilities over time (Pugh, 2010). We need to believe in the female gender more than ever and give them the best environment to be part of the crew driving the society. Certain positions can be left to be occupied by ladies only. This will ensure that women get to higher levels of leadership and other occupations. Gender equality is so crucial in providing harmony within the humanity. Social justice and human rights demand gender equality to bring peace and acceptance among nations. Developments should be all inclusive and every individual should participate. Children, youth and women should be involved in developing their societies and should not be discriminated at all. 


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