Portrait, Vincent Van Goghs Portrait Of Joseph Roulin And Andy Warhols Gold Marilyn Monroe. Comparis (d61a784)


Typically, painted images are full connected with clues concerning typically the historic and ethnic framework. They likewise carry the concept regarding the certain interest and features through the artist. Within just fact, they typically depict the consumer within just the image. Obvious analysis of art pieces involves keen assertion of the details painted by a new good artist coming from official and story material in the perform.


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Visual evaluation requires interpretation, explanation in addition to evaluation from typically the portrait by paying attention the interest in buy to yield considerable info concerning typically the work regarding fine art. The important points obtained is usually crucial to make testimonials between different photos. This study is usually exploring formal in addition to story content regarding Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait 1660, Vincent van Gogh’s Symbol of Frederick Roulin 1889 in addition to Andy Warhol’s Rare metal Marilyn Monroe 62.

Thesis Statement

Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait 1660, Vincent van Gogh’s Symbol of Frederick Roulin 1889 in addition to Andy Warhol’s Rare metal Marilyn Monroe 62 fluctuate in whole about the text messages sent by basically pose and aesthetic expressions and usually the utilizing the item of art framework.

Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait 1660

The family portrait was created in 1660. Rembrandt used essential oil about canvas 9 yrs prior in order to his / the girl demise. The sign features no extra individual. This will be usually significant seeing that that implies the particular detail of personal privacy typically the performer valued. On the particular other hand, contemplating the means of typically the eye-sight, he looks to be in a position to be seeking from another personal albeit absent from the frame.

He appears to end up being able to end up being looking from one more person being a fresh patient. His package with is red-dotted together with indications of rosacea. In addition to, the spots may possibly be a fresh stylistic devise often used by generally the artist in the / her prior art works. Inside of the portrait, generally the artist’s sight seem normal. Typically the still left attention will be able to be able to some degree less wide as compared to be able to the right focus.

The attention do not demonstrate any signs related with palpebral ptosis or even a new pterygium. The certain bright line seems to suggest he was ailing from arcus senilis. The 2nd option eye depicts healthful individuals delighted combined with the inner perform it yourself plus heath. Typically the particular faces of usually the Monroe plus Roulin radiate contentment together with their own lives. Better statement of typically the particular face reveals associated with which the lighted range is really a reveal image of usually the cornea.

Most of his extra paintings also consist of the reflection concerning the cornea. Within paintings such given that Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Frederick Roulin 1889, this specific specific effect is not really necessarily evident, since Roulin’s eyes seem uninteresting. In reality, indicate reflect virtually any lighting although right now there is usually ample light of which often could have mirrored thinking of that their your-eyes wide available. Within the Rare metallic Marilyn Monroe 62 portrait, Monroe’s your-eyes also open within addition to white-colored around typically the particular iris.


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However, the sufficient illumination that illuminate usually the image will not indicate. Her eye seem to become to absorb each and every ray of illumination. While Rembrandt’s view apparently suggest his or her inner soul, usually the latter images appear to consume the sunlight.

Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait, 1660

Figure 1: Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait 1660.

The image depicts transmission of aging concerning Rembrandt. The skin pores and skin will be lightly coloured compared to other self-portraits colored previously. The specific skin illustrates signals of senile damage. The dullness connected with his clothes integrates using the background.

In assessment to portraits connected with Roulin plus Monroe, the background seems in order to swallow the performer while the second option appears to control the frame leading the interest of the particular audience information on the particular figures instead of outrightly focusing on the face area.

Vincent vehicle Gogh’s Portrait associated with Joseph Roulin 1889

The portrait describes Roulin clad inside a blue uniform this individual constantly wore pompously as a da postagem employee in Arles Southern France. The particular artist wrote in order to his brother Theo of his excitement regarding “the modern portrait”. This particular image rendered high quality not really through the simulation connected with the sitter’s appear, but along with the independent plus bright idée associated with color. Their subject matter in this picture is Joseph Roulin. The portrayal has been drawn when Roulin got a much better job.

Portrait of Joseph Roulin, 1889


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Figure two: Family portrait associated with Joseph Roulin 1889.

Dressed inside a glowing blue standard, the picture will be set around the history with innovative environment of whirling plants. Gogh usually do not color individuals, but focused on natural components like landscapes, sunflowers and wheat areas. Rembrandt painted numerous individuals which he experienced were worth keeping in mind. Apart from their self-portrait, Gogh colored Roulin given that will having been his near friend (Gutierrez 1).

The framework reflects a darkish, yet peaceful feeling. However, Rembrandt’s framework is full associated with dullness and ominous mood. The relaxing mood of this particular frame is a sign of satisfaction inside Gogh considering that this individual had found healthier pastures. The night of the framework is indicative associated with the sadness Gogh experienced in the soul because of the particular leaving of Roulin through Arles for the better-paying job. The particular color of the particular eyes is boring.

It indicates that Roulin has been also sad in order to leave his buddy behind when this individual left. However, the particular pose indicates that will Roulin was happy of his brand new status. The cover is positioned straight on his mind just like a disciplined forces personnel with the label ‘posts’ clearly visible. This indicates that Roulin was very pleased of his job.

Discipline makes personnel typically get rid of the beards. Inside the image, Roulin provides long beards. This is certainly illustrative from typically the independence from virtually any expert to carry out when he wants. He will end up being under no duty to look in complying to anyone’s wants. Gogh believed within just using colors inside order to convey his emotions. Within this family portrait, typically the background will probably be various colored with eco-friendly taking over.

The color is the representation of spiritualism of the performer who believes within the eternity associated with humanity. In truth, it is the particular illustration of the particular platonic belief within an ideal globe. The eternal globe lies ahead associated with his friend actually as he techniques away from Arles. Unlike in some other portraits that absence flowers, the flowers used in this portrait are representations of life. The curl of the blossoms seem to advise that a lot more not necessarily always smooth considering the fact that there are numerous challenges which humankind must contend together with throughout.

Roulin’s beard is curly while Monroe simply the hairs usually are curled. Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait shows no these kinds of curls. The movement of the figure in Roulin symbol mimics the foundation swirls of typically the particular flowers. This specific will be the that this designer believes that will certainly Roulin possess long lasting life simply because plants. In inclusion, the particular curls manual the particular eyes within the target audience through usually the artwork in a brand new harmonious way.


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The audience can quickly pick information without having the eye dilating and getting often. The framework really does not possess virtually any shadow of typically the particular image the entire body appears to light up since fine facts are observable. Due to this the figure is generally lit from all of the directions. Gogh thought that Roulin had already been righteous. Hence, usually the light arrived coming from just about all directions. He or perhaps she had zero heart and heart and soul blemishes.

Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe 1962

Warhol as an artist was unique regarding the techniques he positioned on produce his factor of beauty. His / her techniques has not necessarily been observed earlier in the amazing world of fine art. Rembrandt in add-on to Gogh utilized methods that got already been applied previously. The certain rich blend of shades is not evident in the next option artists’ job. Usually, the designer might combine sketches along with digital photography.

In Monroe’s frame, the specific face is centralized and small together with the history occupying most regarding the particular body. The latter’s casings are considerably entertained from the images. He would refreshing paint silk-screened canvases together with images using fuzy shades. Regularly, he or perhaps she utilized his / her very own images.

However, he or she occasionally applied images of additional musicians whenever he or perhaps she planned to be able to depict a fresh matter he would certainly certainly do not have a new new possiblity for taking a new click. Gold Marilyn Monroe 1962 is typically one such mark. Indeed, it identifies the face relating to a female. Typically the portrait is typically silk screened about a canvas.

Gold Marilyn Monroe 1962 portrait

Figure about three or more: Rare metal Marilyn Monroe 62 portrait

Visually, extremely modest regarding the woman dressing could end up being seen regarding the graphic. This specific is usually founded about typically the tight showing inside the painting. Inside addition to, typically the is apparently able to be able to be wearing a new new dress of which is usually attached behind most of the throat. This is definitely illustrative of the particular transforming trends within typically the dressing up code. Related in order to Roulin symbol displaying the freshly obtained status, typically the particular Monroe image provides the impression that will girls had gone through considerable stages within attaining freedom not merely in dressing, but additionally in the independence from male dominance.

Monroe hair remains trimmed short. Nevertheless, it appears to fall actually near the thoughts, but underneath the particular particular ears. The particular impact implies that in spite of the particular proven fact that ladies are progressively getting liberation through man dominance, males nevertheless have family member expert above ladies.

The slipping associated with typically the hair demonstrates females nevertheless stoop in order to males whatever the independence these people possess acquired because sex factors within in an attempt to create the variation among men plus ladies apparent. Within the particular Roulin’s case, the specific facial beard is indicative associated with authority linked to the man sex. The facial beard much more associated with a ‘mane’ compared to the usual facial beard in addition in order to seeks to demonstrate masculinity.

The background in your body will be golden. This unique will be a guide in order to the Subtil Symbols. Actually that looks for to show that Warhol have been very familiar with the icons getting into consideration the particular Christian and religious upbringing in their own childhood. It had been noth the situation inside Rembrandt and Roulin’s Portraits. With a few rare metal in the particular picture, the performer wanted to indicate that will the familiarity this individual had with Christianity was similar in order to the familiarity Monroe had with iconography in pop spheres.

Typically, Subtil spiritual paintings are usually meant to help praying. The belief developed by this component eliminates the requirement of the history as a result of Christianity and naturalistic that will renders to the particular adoration of human being. Warhol transfigures Monroe into a spiritual symbol founded upon byzantine through the particular appropriation of methods similar to all those used in the particular Christian and spiritual context.

The artists painted the small image in the center associated with a huge frame on the golden canvas background. It is hardly proportional to the entire size of the composition. This eliminates the setting and loss of a sense of time from the particular composition. When ballooned, the image will be distorted and un-naturalistic unlike in some other portraits.

Considering that, the family portrait was painted instantly after Monroe dedicated suicide, the performer sought for capturing the particular attention of the particular audience to consider concerning the glamour. The particular portrait is multiple colored. The performer was executed to capture the particular attention from the target audience to the bizarreness of Monroe’s identification. Monroe seemed in order to live a double lifestyle where the girl built in the conventional society along with the developing pop society.

The gold background may imply the particular particular traditional community that Monroe handled in order in order to disengage herself via in totality. Nonetheless, the society considered as her part associated with it not just as a associate but also being an icon that these people could look on always. The numerous colors around the picture of Monroe shows the uniqueness associated with her multiple personas that she experienced during her life time.

Conversely, another two portraits represent the specific man or woman states of matters. Roulin is satisfied since he offers been offered the better-paying job while Rembrandt will go through some form connected with illness. The particular symbol would easily fit in any societal environment irrespective of tradition. Her personality drawn many people coming from all races, sex and age.

By using industrial means of silk-screening, Warhol provides the image the crisp and artificial look despite their canonization of Monroe. This reveals Monroe’s super star as the cautiously planned false impression of who the girl really was. The girl position as the pop icon has been not her organic individual. Actually this was a development of the altering times and versatility to fit inside a changed society.

Her teeth are usually white as these people are in actual life indicating that inspite of the change she got gone through to suit within the changing put community, she continue in order to had elements concerning traditional culture put in her given that of her parent input. The second option images are worried neither together with the societal extramarital relationships nor with all the individuals’ pasts.


The three performs of art usually are similar or in other words of which they all characteristic facial expressions of men and women. They communicate their particular moods and typically the experiences they usually are undergoing at the time of painting except for Gold Marilyn Monroe whose image and the coloring denote life experiences of the past.

The portraits have more differences than similarities regarding the theme they seek to express. Monroe portrait’s theme is concerning the society; Gogh’s is about the lining soul and express of health although Roulin is concerning happiness with successes.

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