Production and Operations Management: 5's Role Play

Production and Procedures Management: 5’ s Function Play Essay Sample

Let’s face it, we all face difficult challenges. Competitive pressures continue unabated. Prices are too low, and the costs are too high. Companies make an effort to reduce costs. Some look to improve technological innovation. Some reduce headcount. Also few have become operationally excellent.

Heading through the game, as the business administration student, have got you ever thought about your future included in the prestigious company? Are you going to use the things that you’ve learned throughout the yrs of your college? Therefore here’s a story from the Milla Rica Corporation about how they work in the production and operations department.

One day, an on the place inspection shock the whole team! (All teammates are usually not working well, a few are just sitting, many are just napping, some usually are just pretending they are usually working)

Midge: Hmmm good morning Ms. Noemi, have you sort the particular following things that I alerted you to do? Noemi: Ahhmmm (scratch the head) almost there mam!

Midge: What?!!! You Ms. Jemma, did you place everything in place and simplify the arrangement from the workplace?! Jemma: Ohh mam (scratch, shaky voice) practically there mam!

Midge: Almost?!!! Did I ask for inefficient report?!!! You, Mr. Guieb, what are these kinds of dust all over the particular table and machines, did you know that Washing must be daily?!!! Aldo: Sorry mam, I’m going to clean later! (scratch head)

Midge: Remember, I am not targeting ANTIQUE CORPORATION!!!! A person, Mr. Jaymar, where’s typically the standardization reports?!!! And Microsoft. Bautista, what happen typically the sustainability and maintenance that you know its our own consistent mission?!!! Jaymar: Ohhh ahh!

Midge: You put your mouth shut! You frustrate myself! I hope I don’ t get too much flak for saying this! I actually invoke my right associated with freedom of expression!! You just give me several couple of craps this morning!!!! Caridad: Hmmm. Good riddance!

Then these people come closer as a team and talk about something!

(1min of silence)

Aldo: Hmmm.. I suppose guys it is the mistake really.

Zharm: Yes, it is really our mistake. We are so tolerated and confident that Mam Malu won’t get mad to us since i was her students back within college years. But yes, again, we disappoint the girl. Jemma: I agree with that Zharm, we should function for it.

Noemi: Me too, Certainly with you guys!

Jaymar: So here this is, what’s the answer?

All are taking into consideration the problem and acting such as they are solving typically the problem. Until… Aldo: Ahaaaa!!! I got an idea guys! (Stand up! )

Jaymar: What was that?!! (Stand up! )

Aldo: Naiisip mo handbag nasa isip ko B1? In English, are an individual thinking what I’m considering B1? Jaymar: Ahaaaa! Naiisip ko ang naiisip mo B2!!!

Aldo: Weeh? Sige nga!

Jaymar: Ay joke! Ano gulf un?

Aldo: Naalala niyo ba guys yung pag-aaral nating sa POM which can be really relative to be able to our case? Yung 5s! let’s use it. Zharm: Real! If we’re going to be able to think, mam malu has been pertaining to the software f 5S. So men, do you agree? All: Yes!

Jemma: I guess, it’s time to be able to make a change! Better change!

After that everyone was working. Everyone are now enjoying their work. (Sort)

Noemi: These kinds of stuffs are so aged, these are waste paper, I should get all of them inside the box. (Arrange the paper) (Simplify)

Jemma: I have to place these items on the primary stage. I must arrange them. (Shine)

Aldo: These kinds of should be Shine bright such as a diamond!


Jaymar: Hmmm.. Check… hhmmmm check. Everything is working well. (Sustain)

Zharm: Hmm all are set! We must continue going to this!

On the examination day!

Midge: Hmmmmm..

Caridad: Hmmmmmm..

Midge: Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Caridad: But why mam?

Midge: I suppose everything will be doing great today Master of science. Zharm and team members. Zharm: Yes mam, we apply accurately he 5S.

Caridad: oh really?! (Mataray)

Jaymar: Ohh yes my dearest Caridad Window panes.

Midge: Well, congrats. This is what We want guys.

Aldo: Yes mam, we do not wnt to frustrate you. We sort everything plus simplify everything. Midge: Good job. I’m excited.

Caridad: Mam Malu, notice this one mam, there are still dust here! Midge: That’s not dust, Carrie, the new residue.

Caridad: Well i guess mam.

Midge: Keep working on it. Remember guys. Often, businesses mistakenly view 5S because a housekeeping activity. House cleaning services is housekeeping, not 5S. 5S is actually a visual program and a system for engaging employees. 5S must be a team effort as well as the results must enable anyone to “tell at a glance” precisely what is right and what is out of spot. It also must make doing the work easier. Implementing 5S occurs within two phases: initial setup sometime later it was refinement. Well. Congrats! All: Thank you mam!

Although 5S will not solve nowadays competitive challenges, it can supply a solid foundation for achieving operational excellence. Within fact, some world-class companies claim that there might be simply no improvement without 5S. Typically the teamwork and discipline developed through 5S improve worker-to-worker and worker-to-manager relationships. Any time people see that just what they do is important, and when they see of which they may have eliminated wasteful procedures, their pride grows. This is probably the greatest advantage of 5S.