Project Management

Implement Phase Strategies

The implementation process in project management is one of those activities that require strategic approaches. Considerably, when laying out the planned activities, the implementation team should focus on the method that it will use in realizing the conceptualized ideas. One of the approaches involves the understand-innovate-people-implement. In this case, the team overseeing such an initiative is supposed to survey and understand some of the disturbing issues within an organization or community. The next step involves deliberating on ideas that relate to the issue under survey. Here, the implementing team is supposed to explore on several alternatives that appear to coincide with the objectives of the project. Next, under this implementation, style is the aspect of stakeholders. The team is supposed to look at how the project will affect the immediate members of a particular place. Further, the implementation members should look at the roles that every person will contribute to meeting the goals of the project.  With such an approach, an organization or community will be in a position to realize the objectives of its project.

One of the projects that used in the above approach is the Hyde Housing initiative in the United Kingdom. The project began in the 1960s, and it has continued to exist until now. According to the website “About Hyde,” it is reported that Hyde Housing intends to provide affordable housing for people in the UK. In laying out the project, the implementation team identifies a population that faces challenges of getting housing. After that, the management of Hyde Housing looks at the existing alternatives such as the renovation of old houses or constructing new ones. Subsequently, the people whom the project will affect are incorporated into the program. In this approach of implementation, the focus is on the needs of the members of the community.


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