Project Management Theory

Project Management Theory Essay Sample

Launch and definition of job management.

A project management is an undertaking to ensure that the sources of a firm usually are dispensed in the correct way and at the right time. Project management portends taking steps to initiate, strategy, direct and finalize a new project. In order to carry out an effective project administration, it is needed of which the project manager should have some skills. Several of the skills usually are: a good grasp on the particular goals, policies, knowledge in addition to characteristics from the firm in order to very minuscule details; ability to think analytically; see and understand the total details of the targets plus the very nature associated with the company, and the issues that are to be able to be given priority inside the company.

At the same moment, it is required of the project manager to make sharp, critical in addition to precise time management. Additionally , the project manager should possess critical organizational abilities and the ability in order to multi- task effectively. Heerkens (2001 pp. 121) keeps that a good task manager must also become a team player, having the particular ability to work with individuals with different predisposition, age group, culture, gender and backdrop. It is also held that typically the project manager must become able to also associate well with the position and file of typically the firm, the positioning of the particular employee in point, despite. Good interpersonal skills (eloquence of speech, proficiency in writing and the capacity to listen) are also prerequisites that the project manager must possess.

We can as a result observe that this means of which the project manager must also be able to effectively pick the suitable forms and channels of conversation in relation to the particular realization of the company’ s goals. The ability to solve conflicts, achieve a comprehensively representative opinion, play facilitative roles and to motivate workers will also be a must have with regard to the project manager.

The tasks of project management inside modern organizations.


Project management helps an organization in order to estimate and subsequently control and harness time, through the use of several techniques of which often one of these is the work or job breakdown structure (WBS). The job that is to end up being undertaken is approximated, thus that the estimates usually are folded up into a time frame that is considered since final and deliverable estimates. This helps the business handle its time well and at the same period, enables the organization in order to speed up its scope of operation (Verzuh, june 2006 pp 90).

I therefore recommend of which the LRH clothing organization fuses its mode regarding operations with all the concept of time. This is so because, clothes are goods that are highly susceptible to be able to time change. Clothes modify according to weather designs, and at the similar time, are subservient to be able to fashion and within pattern.


Project management helps a business ascertain the variables of expenditure such as labor rates, the costs of acquiring resources, material rates, a contingency costs plant (machines and buildings), the cost of earned value management, escalation of costs and roundabout costs. At the same time, other economic costs that must be taken up account include the abilities of workers and their own productivity, and all these usually are ascertained by looking in the inconsistencies in the task expenditure estimates (Lewis, 2006 pp. 75).

We are able to therefore surmise that will the LRH, as a new clothing company must be sure that will it takes measures to be able to winnow between undertakings which are expedient for the achievement in the business and those that are not. This means that before holding out the promotional occasion, the traveling, printing and transportation costs must be constrained within the spending budget.


Task management also helps a good organization come up with a precise description of the goals that an organization should attain, and at the exact same time, spells out the actual terminal results should entail. In most cases, this specific touches around the quality regarding a product. Therefore assists the organization to be able to prepare in addition to plan the actual amount of time and resources that are to get put into a specific project. This specifically expedient if the goods that are to be produced in order to assume big scale status (Kerzner, 1999 pp. 99).

I therefore believe that since at now, the LRH must limit its promotional tours to Sacramento FLORIDA only, so as in order to defend against costs that come as a result of widening the business’ scope of operation. At typically the same time, I consider that commercial show shows, new give aways, the particular restocking of the collaterals and the printing of collaterals are to end up being limited to the scope regarding plans that the LRH clothing company has, within terms of both some scope of operations.


Having noticed that effective project supervision is a very important factor in the realization from the success of a firm, it really is expedient that all companies that are interested in producing profit and realizing usefulness come up with job management approaches. These can help in drawing out the particular limits that an organization is to assume, mainly in terms of charges, some the scope regarding operation.


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