Prospecting In The Health-related Sector

My medical practice area is that of a privately owned clinic. This clinic will be located in the State of Florida in the United States. The customer type for my clinic will be patients and those people who need medical consultation.

My stakeholders will be the local government, the ministry of public health, other clinicians and my customers or clients. My strategic partners will include the major hospitals, labor unions and pharmaceuticals.


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The mission of my clinic will be to heal where others try while the vision will be to become the most reliable and trusted clinic in the State of Florida.

The corporate status of my clinic will be a profit based organization. The core values of the organization will be honesty, professionalism, diligence, hard work, respect of human dignity and conservation of our environment.

Human resources are arguably the most important of all resources in an organization, be it a public or private sector organization. Human resources comprise of people, who are trained or have acquired certain skills, knowledge and expertise in various fields.

Some people may have one type of skill while others may have multiple skills. Human resources are what drive organizations in the sense that they operationalize organizations.

Human resources may include staff, employees, technicians and various specialists. Human resource management is therefore the art of managing people in order for them to be productive (Savage & Fottler, 2010).


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In the healthcare sector, human resources comprise of doctors, nurses, administrators and various specialists like dentists, gynecologists among others. The management of human resources in the healthcare sector plays a very crucial role in ensuring that the sector meets the expectations of the public.

The role of the healthcare sector is to prevent diseases and cure or treat people while the role of the people is to give the nurses and doctors the necessary support. However, the relationship between the healthcare providers and the public is not of much importance.

This is because it is determined by the manner in which the human resources are managed within the sector. If properly managed, the sector relationship with the public would be excellent while if poorly managed, it would be very poor.

In the healthcare sector, management of human resources may comprise various things.

One of them is the motivation of healthcare staff. This may comprise improvement of the work environment, proper remuneration of staff, and the on-the-job training of staff for them to enhance their knowledge in their respective fields.

In order for the healthcare staff to function optimally, there is need to provide them with the proper equipments and materials. They need to have enough drugs as well as other materials for their work.

They also need to be housed properly as well as be provided with regular leaves so as to avoid instances of being overworked. This is because many healthcare organizations, both public and private are usually understaffed (McConnell & Fallon, 2007).


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Also worth mentioning is the issue of workforce migration. Many healthcare researchers do agree that there is need to look into the issue of migration of healthcare providers to various countries where there are greener pastures characterized by attractive pay packages and better working environment.

Migration of workforce leads to a crisis because those who are left are usually overworked and thus poorly motivated, which leads to poor service delivery. All efforts should therefore be made by any government to ensure that the healthcare sector is well funded to prevent such migration (Niles, 2013).

One of the effects of human resource management in the healthcare sector in service delivery is that proper human resource management is directly proportional to service delivery.

As explained above, if the human resources, in this case doctors, nurses and other staff in the healthcare sector are properly motivated and provided with what they need in their work, then the service delivery to the public would always be good.

The reverse is also true. Another effect on the future service delivery in the healthcare sector is that proper human resource management may help curb the problem of workforce migration thus improving on service delivery (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011).

One aspect of quality and best practice in human resource management in the healthcare sector is the observation of best practices in the healthcare sector.

The healthcare providers, through proper management should uphold best practices such as observing the code of conduct as well as respecting the ethics of the medical profession. Above all, they should put the interest of the patients first irrespective of the circumstances.

They should be seen to act for the best interest of their clients and handle them with dignity. Other forms of best practice are to observe professionalism in their work so as to make the patients have confidence in them, which enhances healing.


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