Protecting Wireless Networks

This shift by means of paper based about electronic record preserving is incredibly well educated. Adopting wireless in addition to mobile technology may improve the medical doctors and nurses’ performance and lessen their particular workload. However, this specific technology comes together with a amount of problems and risks (Kim, 2010). Many of these hazards affect the patients’ wellbeing. This tends to make mitigation of these kinds of risks important. In this article is a in depth report on typically the risks associated with this specific shift and advice on how to be able to mitigate them.

Wireless networks inside this case can be utilized with such hand held devices like PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT phones, PDAs, hand held PCs, laptops, in addition to tablets. The very first risk that is usually specific to wireless technology is infiltration of an access point. If the access point of a wireless network is left unsecured, unauthorized people can gain access to the network’s resources. This can in turn pose a risk to the integrity and confidentiality of patients’ information.


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Wireless devices that are not secured increase the chances of a hacking. If a hacker accesses a wireless device, it makes it easy for him/her to gain entry into the network’s resources using an unsecured interface. In addition , unsecured devices are susceptible to MAC flooding attacks (Alexander, 2009). These kinds of attacks affect the network’s performance. Wireless networks also come with the risk of jamming.

This occurs when there are other wireless networks operating within the same area. Overlapping frequencies are the main cause of jamming wireless networks. Hand held devices come with the risk of man in the middle attacks. This takes place for the attacker makes another device in between a finish device in addition to the access level.

This opponent can then end up being in a position to access typically the network resources. This specific is because typically the attacker records every single transaction done by simply the final device by means of the network. Wi-fi networks use authentication methods that may be affected. The WEP tips that are applied by most wi-fi networks can end up being compromised through supervising or sniffing episodes. When this takes place, the encrypted info sent through typically the network may be decrypted.

Each regarding the above difficulties can be mitigated using several actions. The initial measure requires adding an successful user authentication approach. Several internet safety standards recommend diverse authentication methods. Virtually any of these procedures can be utilized depending about the required safety level. Another approach of minimizing safety risks is applying higher-level protocols to secure network resources.

An example of such is the virtual private network protocol. Avoiding unnecessary coverage of a wireless network minimizes the risk of intrusion. Wireless systems which can be detected aside from their meant range can easily fall prey to assailants. All ‘hardware items should be properly secured limiting their very own accessibility only to be able to a network supervisor.


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The place of work with this situation consists of three physicians plus two healthcare experts. Its location will certainly be in the center of some other workplaces. Therefore , this will be suggested that the comprehensive web site survey become carried out before implementing the particular wireless system. This particular will create certain all resources associated with interference are often found out beforehand since they might later impact the network’s efficiency. These people should furthermore make sure that all the certain equipment utilized regarding the particular wi-fi network will end up being in their legislation.

This decreases typically the chances connected with episodes instigated via components access. The actual medical doctors must also generate sure that typically the particular form of authentication used is sturdy. The technology as well as devices used need to be up to be able to day. This is usually due to typically the fact outdated technological innovation presents a better safety danger (Retterer, 2004). Applying wireless sites and purchasing mobile phones is not low-cost. Consequently , this business office should make noise financial considerations just before trying to achieve this move.


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