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psychology 1101



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After Maya gave her friend the password to a protected website, the friend was able to remember it only long enough to type it into the password box. In this instance, the password was clearly stored in her ________ memory.
a) short-term

b) procedural

c) implicit

d) flashbulb

Mr. Nydam suffers amnesia and is unable to remember playing golf several times each week on a particular course. Yet the more he plays the course, the more his game improves. His experience illustrates the need to distinguish between
a) recognition and recall.

b) proactive interference and retroactive interference.

c) short-term memory and long-term memory.

d) explicit memory and implicit memory.

Another term for implicit memory is ________ memory.
a) Nondeclaritive

b) short-term

c) state-dependent

d) iconic

Mentally rehearsing the glossary definitions of unfamiliar terms in order to remember them for a later test illustrates
a) procedural memory.

b) echoic memory.

c) effortful processing.

d) the peg-word system.

Employing the single word HOMES to remember the names of North America’s five Great Lakes best illustrates the use of
a) implicit memory.

b) a mnemonic technique.

c) the serial position effect.

d) the spacing effect.

The semantic processing of the words in a short poem illustrates
a) procedural memory.

b) deep processing.

c) the serial position effect.

d) the peg-word system

Researchers now recognize the active information processing that occurs in short-term memory and refer to it as ________ memory.
a) implicit

b) sensory

c) working

d) flashbulb

When you hear familiar words in your native language, it is virtually impossible not to register the meanings of the words. This best illustrates the importance of
a) flashbulb memory.

b) automatic processing.

c) iconic memory.

d) the spacing effect.

Which of the following is most likely to be stored as an implicit memory?
a) a mental image of one’s best friend

b) a conditioned fear of guns

c) one’s own name

d) the date of one’s own birth

Combining individual letters into familiar words enables you to remember more of the letters in this sentence. This best illustrates the value of
a) the serial position effect.

b) chunking.

c) the spacing effect.

d) iconic memory.

Which of the following is central to the processing of procedural memories?

a) hippocampus

b) basal ganglia

c) hypothalamus

d) amygdala

Damage to the ________ would most likely interfere with a person’s memory of how to play the piano.

a) amygdala

b) basal ganglia

c) hippocampus

d) hypothalamus

Conscious memories of emotionally stressful events are especially likely to be facilitated by activation of the

a) cerebellum.

b) basal ganglia.

c) hypothalamus.

d) amygdala.

Which of the following is believed to be the synaptic basis for learning and memory?

a) long-term potentiation

b) priming

c) proactive interference

d) semantic encoding

semantic encoding
Passing an electric current through the brain during electroconvulsive therapy is most likely to disrupt ________ memory.

a) short-term
b) long-term
c) flashbulb
d) procedural

The inability to remember how the side with Lincoln’s head appears on a penny is most likely due to a failure in

a) encoding.
b) retrieval.
c) implicit memory.
d) storage.

During her evening Spanish language exam, Janica so easily remembers the French vocabulary she studied that morning that she finds it difficult to recall the Spanish vocabulary she rehearsed that afternoon. Her difficulty best illustrates

a) retroactive interference.
b) the spacing effect.
c) source amnesia
d) proactive interference.

Mrs. McBride can’t consciously recall how frequently she criticizes her children because it would be too anxiety-arousing to do so. Sigmund Freud would have suggested that her poor memory illustrates

a) shallow processing.
b) repression.
c) proactive interference.
d) source amnesia.

After Teresa was verbally threatened by someone in a passing car, she was asked whether she recognized the man who was driving the car. Several hours later, Teresa mistakenly recalled that the driver was a male rather than a female. Teresa’s experience best illustrates
Question 9 options:

a) the misinformation effect.

b) implicit memory.

c) proactive interference.

d) the serial position effect.

People should avoid back-to-back study times for learning Spanish and French vocabulary in order to minimize
Question 10 options:

a) interference.

b) the self-reference effect.

c) mood-congruent memory.

d) long-term potentiation.

Although Maria can encode and consciously recall new information, she is unable to consciously recall events that happened prior to the brain damage that she suffered as an adolescent. Maria’s memory difficulty most clearly illustrates
Question 11 options:

a) retroactive interference.

b) anterograde amnesia.

c) retrograde amnesia.

d) proactive interference.

The gradual fading of the physical memory trace contributes to
Question 12 options:

a) storage decay.

b) anterograde amnesia.

c) long-term potentiation.

d) chunking.

While taking the final exam in American history, Marie was surprised and frustrated by her momentary inability to remember the name of the current president of the United States. Her difficulty most clearly illustrates
Question 13 options:

a) retrieval failure.

b) the misinformation effect.

c) the serial position effect.

d) implicit memory.

Although Ron typically smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, he recalls smoking little more than a pack a day. This poor memory best illustrates
Question 14 options:

a) the misinformation effect.

b) the serial position effect.

c) motivated forgetting.

d) the self-reference effect.

Several months after watching a science fiction movie about spaceship travel and alien abductions, Steve began to remember that he had been abducted by aliens and personally subjected to many of the horrors portrayed in the movie. His mistaken recall best illustrates
Question 15 options:

a) implicit memory.

b) the spacing effect.

c) source amnesia.

d) mood-congruent memory.

The word “chimps” contains ________ phoneme(s) and ________ morpheme(s).
Question 1 options:

a) 6; 1

b) 2; 5

c) 1; 6

d) 5; 2

In the English language, adjectives are typically placed before nouns as in “green car.” This illustrates an English language rule of
Question 2 options:

a) determinism.

b) syntax.

c) phonemes.

d) semantics.

Vocal sounds that are not included in one’s native language first begin to disappear from usage during the ________ stage of language development.
Question 3 options:

a) babbling

b) telegraphic

c) one-word

d) two-word

The older a person is when moving to a new country, the harder it is to learn the language. This best illustrates the importance of ________ for learning language.
Question 4 options:

a) a critical period

b) outcome simulations

c) statistical learning

d) mental age

As a result of an automobile accident, Jenny suffered damage to her cerebral cortex in Broca’s area. Jenny is most likely to experience
Question 5 options:

a) aphasia.

b) memory loss.

c) paralysis of her left limbs.

d) auditory hallucinations.

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