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A great number of people experience difficulties related to financial issues such as insurance or mortgage being an obstacle for these individuals to live in adequate living conditions instead of thinking about methods that can be used to save their houses or other property.


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In this respect, economical literacy can end up being viewed a individual of many appropriate techniques to raise the literacy regarding population inside economic issues related to be able to accounting, budgeting, in addition to taxes. The Qualitas of Life Base is a non-governmental non-profit organization of which deals with foreign nationals that reside in typically the United States regarding America.

The main function regarding this organization is composed in helping Mexican immigrants and their particular families to modify to the economic policies and stop scams towards these kinds of people. Put simply, folks should be mindful of their privileges and duties in addition to should be in a position to act inside accordance with many laws and works in several areas about the financial market.

Qualitas Relating to Life Foundation: A new new Brief Overview

The organization of which need to end up being described inside this specific section opened by way of a charity donor Marcela O. para Rovzar, a Philippine personal with a fantastic “extensive career inside of capacity building inside addition to fundraising”1.

The expertise and talents with this person and the woman desire to aid immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries enabled the woman to prepare the functioning with this program. Every single single step up this specific specific organization is usually taken up increase the dwelling existing condition of folks of which usually are not mindful regarding peculiarities regarding monetary issues I actually the particular United Declares associated with America.

Classes are performed within English along with within Spanish although The spanish language is typically the particular prevailing direction given that most immigrants connect Spanish outside their unique primary job such as educational environment. Inside of this respect, staff members with this specific corporation are required to be progressive inside English since properly such as Spanish language language to share generally the message successfully in addition to be able to be adequate representatives of the organization inside the enterprise surroundings.

Speaking in addition to writing routines usually are conducted inside buy to describe economic concepts to folks create these folks training their newly-acquired expertise and information. Sales and spending price range can assist those to be able to arrange their price range in terms relating to family income besides numerous bills to have paid.


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As the particular organization’s main functionality is closely associated to the branch of financial education, the particular Qualitas of Existence Foundation conduct courses and provides Asian immigrants with possibilities to obtain understanding necessary for sufficient organization of family members finances.

Besides, the organization will be actively performing creating and sustaining features like a community associate establishing relations along with community-based organizations plus making agreements in order to various banking institutions. 2

Every person in the community can consider part in typically the educational activities directed at “bring[ing] together different groups of People in mexico and Hispanics inside support of typically the immigrant community”3 so as to “financial literacy regarding Mexican and Mexican immigrants. ”4

In other words, the corporation has built cable connections with related establishments like the migrant neighborhood that provides migrants together with higher amount of assist and counseling.

Financial literacy will be usually the fundamental issue for Hispanic migrant workers though there are often numerous other troubles; therefore , people have within order to get every opportunity in order to boost their abilities plus raise competing benefit to be able in order to obtain a lord work and offer their loved ones with sufficient monetary support plus schooling.

The Way of Governing

CEO plus his/her functions

The organization will be passed a desk from the organization in addition an Executive Movie director whose major features include “management, data processing and administrative responsibilities, and also implementing fundraising strategy set simply by the Board President”. 5

In some other words, the managerial duties are existing for the CEO in this business. Since the Qualitas associated with Life Foundation will be a non-profit business, the accounting consists of opportunities and place up associated with funds inside conditions of economic literacy programs along with going to of foreign excellent monetary workshops.


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Moreover, the TOP DOG can be seen the main particular person in order to report to become able to the particular Board Leader plus Board regarding Company directors. To that finish, just about almost all initiatives suggested simply by simply the table have to become fulfilled and carefully watched by the particular Exec Director.

As the main features regarding the TOP DOG regarding this business issue the monetary workshops activities, they needs to become knowledgeable within financing and schooling and also possess great interpersonal skills. AdriГЎn Franco is the particular person that presently obtains the placement from the Executive Movie director in the Qualitas associated with Life Foundation. This individual is knowledgeable within administration and data processing as well because in educational problems.

However, the particular organization is looking for a person in order to obtain this position rather of AdriГЎn Risoluto while the begin date is the particular January 2011. 6 Besides, among the list of characteristics of the refreshing CEO will include the fundraising duties as well since other activities relating to mobilizing resources. 7 To that conclusion, administration in add-on to management usually are regarding primary value regarding the exec overseer of a new non-profit organization just like typically the Qualitas of Lifestyle Base.

Size inside the governing board

The current people inside the governing panel usually are President in add-on to founder Marcela OrvaГ±anos de Rovzar, admin Mariel Creo, in addition to be able to board members Alex Rovzar, Gregorio Schneider, Jose Luis sumado a Eugenia Batallador. 8 Although sizing about the board may possibly possibly have recently been altered, the alter had been beneficial because regarding a number regarding factors.

The first factor worries the operation regarding the board in addition to its functions: Because the main function in the organization includes the academic workshops related to be able to financial literacy relating to Hispanic immigrants, of which is required to be able to organize the job of literacy workshops and classes plus establish relations along with other financial organizations and academic nonprofits because a part associated with the cooperation system.

The following function of the particular board includes creating and sustaining associated with the reputation associated with the business in purchase people could depend on the outcomes from the program. Furthermore, the CEO reviews straight to the table while he will be also capable to expose certain becomes the particular board. 9

As a principle, the actual changes usually are launched into typically the business in extremely unlikely cases, mostly because of international modifications in typically the marketplace that could shift the focus and alter several new vision regarding the problem consequently presenting new delete word solving new difficulties.


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In this specific respect, another perform of the panel is supervision regarding the work executed by the CEO and approval associated with his/her activities when it comes to granting permission with regard to introduction of modifications or other tactical initiatives into business.

So, since the organization works mainly with people that will need to enhance their own financial literacy, these people should be prepared to take into account the element of people which includes many aspects. The majority of related to these elements issue job possibilities, earnings level, degree related to education, plus common perspectives with regard to work and additional operate the Usa Says of The united states with regard in order to Hispanic immigrants.

Changes within the particular regulating board

Though modifications inside the Stand of Directors may possibly happen at a new later date, this is certainly necessary in buy to take directly into accounts the unconventional features of the business enterprise require certain skills and abilities by means of people that may possibly be appointed inside order to bureaucratic positions.

In this regard, typically the person which is often a new member associated together with the Board related with Directors in the Qualitas of Lifestyle Basis should end up being educated in supervision plus accounting, specific monetary issues even though the particular essentials of monetary concerns could be enough for the associate of the table, educational issues, plus bilingual approach.

It is more likely that will the changes within the governing table are not occurring due to the particular fact that the particular founder remains the particular Board Director associated with the organization while all other jobs are obtained simply by people who understand their business plus can contribute significantly to the general success of the particular organization.

Challenges And Weaknesses

Potential weaknesses

Potential weak points for that organization consist of the risk management within terms of the particular global financial crisis and other circumstances that can shift the priorities with regard to employment opportunities and necessity for providing people with financial education. Moreover, experienced administrators who know English as well as Spanish can turn out to be inexperienced in accounting and financial issues.

In this respect, lack of successful personnel can come to be a real risk for the corporation as the utmost experienced economic expert can are unsuccessful to acquire Spanish language in order to be able to become in a placement to communicate the particular message in order to the particular class.

This weakness will turn out to be more threatening concerning the rising quantity of immigrants that could possibly would such as to learn monetary literacy maintain their own households adequately. Due to the fact of this, usually the organization may deal with problems with selecting appropriate workers who else take part in education and studying and accounting through the same instant.

Another potential weakness in the corporation concerns the purchases that include money of the Qualitas of Life Foundation by the government though it is a non-governmental organization.

The major part of the educational materials is the donation of other educational and financial institutions like Banamex (Citigroup), “Little Sisters of the particular Assumption in Eastern Harlem, Adelante Connections inside Brooklyn, FINGERS along with Mercy Middle inside South Bronx, along with El Objeto as well as the Jewish Local community Center in Staten Island”. 10

Besides, the business works along with other nonprofits upon the territory of the United States and Mexico. Which means that the alliances are usually closely related plus some difficulties encountered simply by one organization could be faced by other people.

Finally, the business should be a lot more concerned about management competences which are associated with primary importance with regard to the organization that will deals with individuals and educational issues. Within this respect, supervisors have to concentrate more on the advancement of leadership competencies so that individuals were encouraged in order to acquire knowledge plus improve their monetary literacy.

The potential weakness associated with this concept issues the ability from the immigrant community to supply its members along with adequate encouragement plus counseling in situation regarding certain troubles.

In some other phrases, the company should keep close track of the particular actions of the particular program members in order to know the difficulties plus be able in order to predict some modifications to respond in order to those adequately. Nevertheless, exactly the same aspect may be successfully moved to the competing advantage.

Existing challenges

Existing difficulties that are related to the task associated with the organization consist of lack of contacts with community users and insufficient assistance of Hispanic migrants from all other community users when it comes to their monetary education activities.

In this regard, all connections that will have been founded till the present moment have in order to be sustained in order to prevent discouragement of people that take part in this program. In other words, members of the organization should monitor and supervise the members of the program so that they may demonstrate their successes to the total extent.

Encouragement plus more active engagement is possible through advertising and marketing which is frequently considered a solitary from the present weak points. People could understand about usually the system as well because its options through friends in inclusion to other users in the local community if they will certainly are active users of the community life in usually the Usa while some immigrants are usually not able in order to sustain relations along with all the local community after appearance.

Leadership as nicely as its advancement should end upward being of main value for the business together with respect to typically the particular rising number concerning people which might have correct skills just for this sort of activity even though are discouraged from that.

Development regarding leadership competencies are able to promise you that that all people in the Hispanic zugezogener community are lively participants of typically the financial literacy plans. Cultural aspect is usually very important inside terms of typically the leadership concept. 11

Thus, people could are not able to adapt to be able to the leadership growth policies as the result of deficit of leadership rules within their lifestyle. Yet, individuals in the Asian neighborhood are the majority of often very energetic and ambitious within terms of energetic participation in usually the program.

Ways of solving problems

All the troubles which exist in the particular neighborhood within the current moment might be set with the help of adequate programs adopted for advancement that can become reached in the particular particular shortest feasible period. Regarding this, this is required in order to manage the specific activities from the specific organization adequately in addition try to prevent the slightest troubles that could possible occur.

As prevention works more effectively and less dangerous than treatment associated with the developed issue, the manager ought to adopt probably the most related way for checking and surveying those activities typical for this particular organization.

Besides, probably the most challenging problems may concern the particular changes within the worldwide market that may barely be foreseen simply by a typical boss though risk supervision and appropriate suggestions will help the business enterprise in managing equivalent issues.

Choosing more adequate style of leadership could end up being rather helpful within just the problem regarding the particular international competition. “Today, folks frequently talk concerning leadership style, which often usually shifts typically the focus from figure, which usually is usually internal plus, to a big extent, inborn, to behavior, which is external and learnable. ”12

In this respect, the manager can introduce certain practices that are aimed at examination plus identification from the management more appropriate with this or that individual. Developing leadership competencies in Hispanic migrants, the members associated with the organization may find future workers that will properly provide other decades and waves associated with Hispanic immigrants along with financial literacy solutions.

Moreover, the problem ought to be identified before being acknowledged; so, the corporation could invite persistent specialist who is proficient in risk supervision and similar concerns to distinguish the trouble and suggest several ways for fixing it.

Ongoing Success

Models regarding work

The major issue that ought to be mentioned with regard in order to the present situation within the organization issues the funding associated with the project since the organization can neglect to operate effectively depending only on the particular governmental fees because the supply of financing. So, the business may be invested simply by educational organizations.

Besides, companies thinking about financial education related to their employees might make agreements with this specific particular organization regarding offering these enough solutions. Meaning typically the business can come to be partly nonprofit in addition to partly for-profit. Inside this particular circumstance, the business may possibly continue to offer you Hispanic immigrants alongside with services directed in improving their particular monetary literacy free of charge of charge since it is typically the nonprofit organization.

At the specific same time, users from the business can offer some other organizations along along with similar services along with regard to a few costs. With respect to instance, the particular Qualitas of Existence Basis can offer anyone else using the particular exact same solutions requiring set expenses to become paid out. This method could become interesting for individuals plus organizations.

Though the business works according to regular class activity design, it is required to emphasize the effectiveness because it enables people engaged into this activity to ask certain questions and re-ask if they do not understand something.

In this regard, Hispanic immigrants perform not only obtain knowledge essential for their own financial issues within family and cost management but can furthermore be used to enhance the existing understanding in regards to finances plus accounting.

Adaptation to improve likelihood success

The success associated with the organization will be obvious though this can be improved as well as all other benefits of the Qualitas of Life Foundation. Thus, “…understanding and cultivating leadership”13 can be used to increase the success of the organization after thorough analysis of changes that can be potentially implemented and considered beneficial for the organization.

In other words, all policies that might be implemented to the organization should be approved by the Board of Directors. 14 After validation of changes and lots of beneficial methods as well as models, it may be required to method the implementation related with those procedures therefore that typically the procedure had not necessarily been ruined in addition to using the before and new procedures simultaneously.

Adaptive capacity is noted as very crucial with regard to be able to the corporation in case of implementation of various changes. 15 The changes should be adjusted to the organization in terms of strategies and methods used in various areas of the organizational activity resulting in success.

If the manager fails to apply innovation effectively to the organization, it should be changed because the innovations can be inappropriate for specific sectors of individual activity including charitable educational organization working together with Hispanic immigrants illiterate in financial concerns.


To conclude, it is usually necessary to review the typical principles regarding the Qualitas regarding Life Foundation. This specific organization is actually a non-governmental and nonprofit a single. It provides Mexican immigrants with economic education services directed at increasing the stage o living regarding immigrant population of which inhabits the area states.

In other words, typically the competitive advantage regarding this organization is usually that it gives people of which often are members relating to the immigrant area with financial literacy services directed from increasing the stage regarding living in addition to stopping scams of which could be experienced by just immigrants credited to manage to versions in financial worries, accounting, and taxation.

Every associate of the metropolis could obtain typically the economic education regarding free of demand as the corporation is normally funded by simply charitable funds these kinds of as the government fees and plans. Development of command competencies and enough implementation of modern practices and procedures can assist the corporation to sustain accomplishment with regard to be able to changing priorities just about all over the planet and instability regarding financial issues since of the economic crisis.

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