Reasons of Immigration Literature Growth Essay


Judith Cofer is the author of “Woman in Front of the Sun: On Becoming a Writer” and a poem referred to as Exile. She has also written a collection of essays, novel, and books of poetry, which have been published in journals such as the Georgia Review, Kenyan Review, and Southern Review, among others. Cofer is at present “the Franklin Professor of English and the director of the creative writing program at the University of Georgia” (Cofer 1). This paper aims to search out out the reasons for the tremendous growth of immigration literature. The main sources used are pieces of writing by Mendoza Louis, Shankar Subramanian and Judith Cofer.

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Key factors of the piece

Cofer recollects regrettably how she left her house and migrated to America. She recollects the meaningless of her past life and relates it with a canceled stamp. She remarks that it is not easy to overlook the previous as a result of it’s part of her. She acknowledged that recollecting the horrible previous is painful, but it is tough to let go even if you end up threatened with demise. Immigrants are compelled to look back into the life they are used to. In the poem, she attributes her future with success.

Rob Nixon notes that he left South Africa for America when he was 25. He recollects how his grandparents landed in South Africa early in the nineteenth century from Scotland. Two generations later, he notes that the grandchildren are scattered in four continents, specifically Africa, Europe, Australia, and North America. He remembers the role politics performed in causing his departure from South Africa to America. Though migrant experience is painful, the feelings of tracing his roots pushed him ahead. According to Nixon (sixty eight), there’s a lot of uncertainty within the vacation spot nation for immigrants. The previous lives carry on haunting them, and on the same time, they have no idea what the long run holds. The vacation spot country may have many opportunities but can still be worse than the nation of origin.

The rationalization of why the piece is an example of the New Literature of immigration

Immigration has been one of many elementary realities of life for most individuals in America for the reason that nineteenth century. According to Mendoza and Shankar (5), immigration is rated as an important theme in Hispanic literature. It has provoked the event of a new type of literature called the new literature of immigration that addresses the explanations for immigration and other associated points. According to Cofer (112), nobody warned him of the hazards of trying back when he migrated to America for Exile. Others like Nixon had been reluctant to maneuver to America, but the political scenario in his mother nation (Apartheid) forced him to move.

Immigration literature takes completely different models and is written by immigrants who belong to the third generation of Americans. Nixon and Cofer’s works are a part of third-era Americans. The two replicate on the expertise the immigrants undergo during the whole process of immigration and the challenges they face in the destination nation. They found it onerous to forget the previous while living in a overseas land.

Immigration literature addresses the first elements of immigration, including the anxiety of loneliness, dedication, success challenges, and uncertainty, amongst others. Cofer feels abandoned in a overseas land and recalls the success of fishermen she left behind (Cofer 112). Nixon had a childhood dream of moving overseas, however the feeling of loneliness and uncertainty made him change his thoughts. The challenge of self-id and cultural adaptation make it exhausting for immigrants to forget their previous. The opposition that is seen in the immigration literature results from the wrestle of immigrants to establish the brand new self and forget the other. The narrator expresses his wish not to acquire the brand new self due to the uncertainty that characterizes immigration. Rob Nixon says that no migrant knows how a lot they will need the past.

According to Kolodny (fifty two), immigration literature addresses the issues of “self and the opposite.” The previous and current lives of the immigrants play a major position within the restructuring of their new identification. They hope for a better life within the vacation spot country but in addition find it exhausting to overlook the previous. The concern of new experiences and loneliness make them always focus on the past. Judith Cofer recalls her previous life and envies the success of the fishermen again in her residence nation. Rob Nixon had a childhood dream of migrating however later modified her thoughts after realizing the excessive-stage uncertainty in the destination country. She remained reluctant emigrate till she was forced by the apartheid experience (Nixon 69).


The immigrants who moved to the interior components of America nonetheless adopted their past non secular practices, native language, and goals of success. These attributes have played a major role in the development of immigrant literature (Mendoza and Shankar 3). The main themes within the immigration literature include language acquisition, bodily separation, and improvement of the self. Immigration is unsure, and the immigrants have no idea what the longer term holds for them. They continue training the same things they did of their mother nation for worry of what would occur once they abandon them.

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