Red Bull Target Market

They can introduce new kinds of drink with more vitamin as well as or more flavours however they have to make sure that the new types are also energy drinks to keep up the relationship between the word “energy” along with Red Bull. Creating Red Bull scholarship: due to the fact that learners are considered as a great important part in Red-colored Bull’s target market, it is good for Red Bull to build their good image among college students through granting three to be able to five scholarships every year about their brand name in order to the students who get excellent results despite regarding difficult living conditions.? Sponsoring charity activities: Red Fluff also need to recruit the charity activities relevant to supporting visitors to get over serious diseases or sportsmen to recover after damage.

This action along with the above action associated with granting scholarships not only helps Red Bull gain positive thinking from the public but also develop a good link to the particular brand name “Red Half truths gives you wings”. In sum, to maintain their own marketing momentum, Red Bull needs to do all the necessary activities to be able to strengthen the attachment between the word “energy” as well as the brand name Red Fluff. Then whenever customers consider about energy drink they will will think about Reddish Bull.

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