Relevance of Communication to Management

Relevance of Connection to Management Essay Test

Conversation is a vital component of personal life even more so important in business and management, and any other circumstance where people encounter each other. Effective Communication will be significant for managers within the organizations so as to perform the essential functions associated with management, i. e., Organizing, Organizing, Leading and Managing. Communication helps managers in order to perform their jobs and responsibilities. Communication serves as a foundation for planning. Almost all the essential information should be communicated to the administrators who in-turn must communicate the plans so because to implement them. Arranging also requires effective communication with others about their career task. Similarly leaders since managers must communicate successfully with their subordinates to be able to achieve the team objectives. Controlling is not feasible without written and dental communication.

Supervisors devote an excellent part regarding their time in communication. They generally devote approximately 6 hours per time in communicating. They spend great time on face to face or telephonic communication with their superiors, subordinates, colleagues, customers or even suppliers. Managers also make use of Written Communication in type of letters, reports or perhaps memos wherever oral conversation is not feasible. Thus, I can say that “effective communication is a building block of successful organizations”. In other words, communication acts as organizational blood. Prior to I type in the purpose regarding this term paper (The Relevance of Communication to be able to Management), I’ll start with determining some certain terms required for the understanding plus assimilation of this work.

Definition associated with Communication

From the particular Microsoft Encarta Student Guideline (2009), Communication is said to be typically the process of sharing ideas, information, and messages with others in a specific time and place. Connection includes writing and speaking, as well as nonverbal communication (such as cosmetic expressions, body language, or gestures), visual communication (the use of images or pictures, such as painting, photography, video, or film), and electronic communication (telephone calls, electronic mail, wire television, or satellite broadcasts). Communication is a vital part of personal life in addition to is also important within management, education, and any other situation where people encounter each other. Administration is concerned with communication in several special ways. Some businesses build and install communication equipment, such as fax (facsimile) machines, video clip cameras, CD players, publishing presses, personal computers, and telephones. Other companies generate some of the communications or content that those technologies carry, such because movies, books, and software. Definition of Management

Management Innovations (2008), “Management is the means of reaching organizational goals simply by working with and via people and other company resources”. Again, from the Microsoft Encarta Student Guideline (2009), Management, in operation, term used to describe the particular techniques and expertise of efficient organization, planning, path, and control of the particular operations of the business. It can also be mentioned to be the supervision of business: the arranging and controlling of the matters of a business or perhaps a sector of a business. Management is a method or group of continuing in addition to related activities, it involves and concentrates on achieving organizational goals, and lastly it reaches these objectives by working with plus through people and additional organizational resources. Relevance associated with Communication to administration

Like said earlier in the day, Communication is a procedure for conveying meaning form one person to another. It includes any means or method by which one mind affects another. Therefore it is an extremely essential integration of management and here are some importance/relevance: Basis of decision making:

The significance of communication arises from the fact that making decisions functions largely depend upon effective and efficient of communication to and from decision center. The standard of decisions made in an org depends largely on the amount and quality of information accessible to the decision maker. Basis to good external communication:

The importance of good internal communications also arises from the fact that they are now regarded as basis to good external ones. As organization must put its own house in order before it could speak convincingly to its public. Basis for morale building:

A competent system of communication also helps in morale building. It is a means by which a manger boosts his employees to work hard for attainment of its goals and objectives. For Higher Productivity:

It has been proved that a definite relationship exists between communication and employee productivity. Employees work more efficiently and with greater job satisfaction when they understand not only their job objectives but also objective of their work group and overall company. For better union relations:

An effective approach to communication can play a very useful and important role in attaining constructive union relations. The communication program has a vital role to play in interpreting and explaining to workers management policy in respect of various issues concerning themselves, their work, their future, their prospects and a number of other things regarding the company, its products and its services and above all, its aims and objects from point of view of community at large. Bottom line

In conclusion, from your five (5) importance of communication to management, it is clear that the management of an organization cannot perform its functions (planning, organizing, influencing and controlling) properly, thus resulting to their inefficiency and subsequently the failure to achieve the set goals of that organization. Therefore I want to end with the theory that management cannot do with proper communication (between them and their employees, customers and generally their social environment). Many thanks.


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