Shopping Habits

Shopping Habits

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Shopping Habits

“When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion.”

“A Man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford let alone.”

The above two quotes by Voltaire and Thoreau are applicable to the three works under discussion herein. The first quote demonstrates the universal appeal of money, a medium of exchange that crosses all national borders and sociocultural barriers. In other words, money makes the world go round as the popular tune from Cabaret expresses. This universal appeal explains why so many people become obsessed or addicted to money to the point Americans are a national of individual in debt from sea to shining sea, “Americans now owe more than $65 billion to credit card companies, an average of $11,000 per family” (Gallen 6).

The second quote from Thoreau is akin to advice from financial experts who encourage conscious spending, applying income to prioritized goals, and enjoying the most out of life by getting the most pleasure out of money earned. We shall see that all three of the authors who have written the works under analysis herein insist that their books are not only about money but also about getting the most happiness and freedom out of life from the money one earns. Yet, we will also see how all three authors argue that the majority of Americans are unable to figure out how to manage and control their finances in order to achieve this kind of life.

This research will examine three books that are designed to help families and individuals become more conscious about money and shopping habits. The first is Kathy Borrus’ The Fearless Shopper: How To Get The Best Deals On The Planet. Borrus was a buyer for the Smithsonian, and in this book she provides myriad tips and advice on the best ways to shop whether you are shopping down the street or down under in Australia. She also, like the other two authors included here, v…

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