Sport Marketing – Final – Fill in the Blanks

The continuing purpose of an organization and its marketing efforts is known as _________
A _____ system provides a 360-degree record of all customer interactions with a sport organization
The concept of the frequency _________ suggests that sport organization should invest primarily in nurturing existing customers to make them more avid fans, rather than constantly trying to create new ones
The marketing concept of __________ refers to sport marketers’ designing, redesigning, or promoting products to capture a special space in target consumers’ minds
_____________ is the ability of a consumer to name the brand’s existence when its product category is mentioned
Brand Awareness
Any data that can be represented numerically is called _________________
Quantitative Data
_________ surveying consists of interviewing respondents in person, usually with the aid of some type of instrument for data capture
When sports marketers use ___________ segmentation, they account for customers who consume the product at various levels of frequency
Product Usage
The concept of _____________ describes the sport marketers’ effort to make the sport product distinctive and attractive in consumer’s minds
Added value that a certain product has by virtue of its band name is ____________
Brand Equity
Sport organizations often use brand names and marks to ____________ from their competitions
The term ______ management refers to pricing and packaging of tickets to ensure the highest revenue on the sale of the product
______________ is the term used for what should happen after a sale to ensure that the purchase is a win-win situation for both seller and purchaser
After Marketing
A customer’s ______________ is defined as the present value of expected benefits mine the obligations associated with the customer
Lifetime Value
The marketing activities or leveraging that a company conducts to promote and execute its sponsorship is called ___________
_______________ is the joining of two or more entities to capitalize on a sponsorship or licensing opportunities
Co-op Sponsorship
________ is the sport marketing term for sets or configurations of organizations linked together to deliver a product to consumers
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