Stand Up to Drunk Driving!

In the writing title “A Stupid Mistake” written by Samantha H. about a DUI crash left me feeling very scared, but courageous to stand for what’s right. I completely agree with the feeling behind the article. I know for someone to come home from a party a lot of things can be not noticed. I also know she didn’t realize he was drunk. This scares me because you never know when you will come across a drunk driver, and it could be one passing your car or you’re in the same car with them. You never know. She says, ”I didn’t realize I was crying until I tried to speak.” That quote shows the effects of drunk driving to a tee. In my town drunk driving is an issue, which relates to this article. It is very well written, and the points are valid. The only thing I’m left confused by is when she said,”I had the urge to scream,’ No! This idiot’s drunk! Get me out of the car!’ but I didn’t.” I don’t understand why she didn’t say anything! People need to stand up and be courageous to end drunk driving!

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