Swimming against the Tide by Alice O'Connor Article

The paper “Swimming against the Tide by Alice O’Connor” is a worthy example of a law article review.

In her article Swimming against the Tide, Alice OConnor argues that the federal community development policy is quite ineffective and greatly relies on old strategies without addressing the structural conditions that lead to community decline (OConnor 1999). The title of OConnor article as it reflects her opinion on how the country can be deal with the issue of community decline. She presents the discernible patterns that are the hallmark of community development policies in the U.S. and postulates new ways in which the problem of community decline and poverty can be dealt with. The title is also an indication of one of the main challenges to community development – contradicting federal policies.

To a great extent, I flow with OConnor’s ideas. In many cases, the interventions that are instituted against poverty and community decline are mostly geared toward short-term effects and seemingly do not address the root causes of problems. As an example, it is widely known that race has and continues to play a significant role in determining one’s level of socio-economic well-being in many parts of the U.S., which should not be in the case. The federal government should target creating more employment opportunities as one measure against poverty.

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