Technology Management

Technology Management Essay Sample

Technology is 1 of the fastest growing industries in the globe. Its role and influence within the progress of nations across the globe is usually continually increasing. This trend has necessitated the require to understand and utilize its underlying principles. Technologies deals with comprehending the concept of applying scientific information and guidelines to tasks involving people. This knowledge is manifested through typically the creation of equipment, artifacts and effective business procedures. Most processes have today become more productive and faster due to the particular introduction of technology. Technologies saves time, resources and energy thereby allowing focus on other areas of company (Whitten, Bentley, & Dittman, 2001). Today, almost everyone is influenced by technology.

Technology management is actually an extensive concept that encompasses various aspects of management plus technology, as the name implies. It is worried with seeking efficient plus cost-effective means of determining, introducing and monitoring technology in the work spot in order to enhance productivity, efficiency and liability. It seeks ways in order to deploy technology into key aspects of the business techniques and helps to manage the impact of the changes that arise since a result of scientific innovations. It also helps to be able to plan, design and manage the utilization and setup of technological innovations within just an organization.

Technology Management is performed not only by Details Technology companies, but by all companies interested in driving their processes along with technology. It is apparent that using the current spate of technologies, various organizations, individuals and countries need to keep up with the pace of technology as well as management if they are usually to continue relating with others. As beneficial as technology is, it also provides the capacity to bring in harmful equipment which could lead to extensive lack of human lives. For illustration, scientific innovations that brought to the introduction of atomic bombs and harmful gases may possibly cause considerable losses and damage if proper administration principles are not integrated. It is therefore crucial that technology is properly managed so the downsides can be minimized. This guarantees that individuals and nations are protected from the harmful effects of technologies.

Technology may be managed in several ways. This can be accomplished within a lot of ways and a pair of them usually are outlined as follows: 1) Protecting computer systems through infiltration; Computers or repository management systems usually contain confidential and valuable organization information that must be protected through viruses, worms, fraud and any other form of not authorized access that can put in danger security; 2) Optimizing the usage of computer systems; Most personal computer systems are either under-utilized or staff are not necessarily properly trained to complete out of such technological innovation. Proper technology management ensures that benefits are suitably acquired by the concerned organizations (Whitten, Bentley, & Dittman, 2001). The most effective methods of managing technology will be by continually seeking understanding, conducting extensive research, in addition to coming up with life changing innovations. This ensures of which a country or organization is able to obtain and sustain a high level of competitive advantage, development and achievement. Technologies will continue to be an ever-evolving concept.


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