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Terrorism is one of the most serious criminal activities and it has greatly jeopardized world peace and safety. Defining terrorism is not very easy and its meaning has been subjected to a lot of debate by many scholars. “Terrorism can be defined as a tactic used by a small set of extremists to fight against an overwhelmingly powerful opponent while surrounded by a large population that mostly just wants peace”.


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The use of military is not the only way of dealing with terrorism. It is possible to defeat terrorism through these strategies. “First, it is important to understand how terrorists are kept away in the best case, then how terrorists may combat this mechanism”. Finally, in purchase to foil all those aims, it will be imperative to figure out the strategies that may work, and all those that cannot.

Defeating Terrorism

Terrorism could be defeated in case lots of people in the particular particular society may have confidence in the government bodies inside their work. Within case individuals have perception within the government bodies, these people will certainly let them know regarding terrorist activities. The specific Unabomber who easily wiped out many individuals via mail bombs continues to be finally submitted towards F. W. We. In this particular situation, it had been their own brother who acknowledged his writings in addition informed the federal government body about his actions.

He needed that step because they believed in the particular authorities. “Terrorist functions cannot be completely eliminated, but the cohesive community that will trusts its government bodies can defeat the continuing terrorist movement”. A more complicated situation in dealing with terrorism arises whenever a society is not civilized, and these people also usually do not believe in their authorities.

In this respect, terrorists find assistance from sympathizers, that might not wish to be part of the particular terrorists, tend to be towards the authorities. Among the best tactics employed simply by terrorists is producing misunderstandings between individuals as well as the authorities. Terrorists become stronger whenever they erode that will trust. Cash in order to weaken the slim blue line. “The ordinary people, at least some of all of them, support those these people see as battling for freedom, spiritual faith, or patriotism against overwhelming odds”.

Strategies with regard to Defeating Terrorism

The important question will be how you can defeat terrorists after understanding their own tactics? When individuals begin to separate them as crooks, by reporting these to police authorities, they possess defeated all of them. Exactly what weaponry may become effective within battling them? This might be naïve to think that will will terrorists may just be removed simply by eliminating all associated along with them. This type of naïve strategy cannot function in the actual world.

In an attempt to get and kill terrorists, many innocent individuals will either become injured or wiped out. This can create some of the specific friends, and littermates to contemplate putting your signature on up for terrorists as apart associated with retaliating. Additionally, this particular will likely create even more terrorists than individuals damaged. Consequently, when army confrontation is generally used most concerning the time, it is going to lead to genocide, however it will certainly also get a lot more terrorists.


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“The ‘weapon’ that is usually need is typically the trust and co-operation of the basic population of typically the country the location where the terrorists are based”. Subsequently, the authorities coping with terrorists need to avoid using overpowering power even when they have that. They should try out to demonstrate rights, and avoid applying massive retaliation.

A good illustration is the circumstance of U. T troops in War. Terrorists strike these people in order to provoke retaliation from them. When they retaliate, they end up damaging people’s properties, and they also cause unnecessary deaths. This weakens the trust Iraqi citizens have in U. S troops.


Terrorists should be handled carefully, but not through the ordinary military tactics. If soldiers have to be used in this process, they should be trained differently so that they can handle terrorists appropriately. The use regarding military force demands rethinking because that has largely recently been abused with the regulators. “The “simple” method above for busting terrorism requires fantastic knowledge, cleverness, in addition to wisdom to set directly into action”.

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