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The Apollo program can still be seen as one of the most ambitious and costly programs in the US ALL government. The program’s overall cost had been over 20 billion dollars dollars that had been spent within a new decade (Gisler in addition to Sornette 2009). Many people argue of which will its bad results undermine very good effect. However, several experts agree which often he system got various good final results for your nation since well as the complete mankind.


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Gisler and Sornette (2009) call this specific task such as a “bubble” which usually a fresh significant plus great effect upon the expansion associated with technological innovation perfectly as typically the human being modern society. The experts anxiety the bubble is usually really a activity characterised by too much resources and is usually connected with exaggerated anticipations.

Some pockets can result in diverse bad effects for example individual bankruptcy of companies. Nevertheless, several bubbles (and typically the Apollo Program is just one of them) appreciate an important perform “in reducing communautaire risk aversion regarding which occur in the course of typically the advancement and breakthrough processes” (Gisler as properly as Sornette yr, p. 56).

The researchers stress that such bubbles enable people to work out strategies and technologies that can be used to carry out a variety of projects. It is possible to evaluate the program in terms of a number of aspects to understand whether the Apollo Plan was successful or perhaps unnecessary.


The program had been established in 60 and it ended in 1973. That was funded by simply the US federal government, and it expense more than something like 20 billion US money (Morris 2013). Apollo Program is certainly “NASA’s first formal method of project management” (Seymour & Hussein 2014, p. 236). The program engaged thorough planning, getting and managing different stages and techniques.

It got all significant positive aspects of a career together with definite seeks, fb timeline and budget range (Nicholas & Steyn 2008). It truly is usually remarkable that NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) got a amount regarding similar (though substantially smaller) jobs of which enjoyed quite a fantastic natural part inside typically the Apollo Program considering that scientists and experts could take into account various problems that could come upwards (Shenhar & Dvir 2013).

By and enormous, typically typically the program involved diverse stages that have been thorough, well-thought and appropriately managed. In addition, that is possible to be able to regard this software since successful because it attained its major aim to land a new man on typically the Moon.


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At the same time frame, it is usually still required to bear in mind that the plan had quite a new high cost such as humans’ lives, unparalleled financial investment, moment, environmental impact etc . It is crucial to consider these kinds of aspects when assessing the potency of the Apollo Program.

Major goals

As provides been stated earlier, a single of the significant goals in the job was to terrain a man about the Moon in addition to bring this person safely back. Plainly, this goal had been achieved successfully since the program triggered six manned landings on the Celestial body overhead (Nicholas & Steyn 2008). Obviously, right now there were other targets. For instance, scientific development was one of many core aims in the program.

American scientists as properly as the complete society were wanting to advance space market and explore the exterior space as properly as other planets in the Solar system. It is possible to express that this aim was also attained, as American experts and engineers attained a whole lot in typically the sphere of technology and space lookup. This correlates alongside with the thought connected with beneficial strength of bubbles advised by Gisler plus Sornette (2009).

Space systems have obtained numerous implications within various spheres associated with human existence (including however, not restricted to aviation, customer products and therefore on). A lot more significantly, the system has become one associated with the particular 1st examples associated along with project management methods applied on such the particular significant scale. Certainly, many of these types of forms of strategies plus methods have currently been utilised simply by task managers within a variety associated with spheres.

Apart through that, presently there have been particular political targets. Chief executive Kennedy established the serious specific goal to land a brand new man within the particular Celestial body over head inside a ten many years. This directive experienced been dictated simply by typically the politics realm since this was the time of the Cool Battle (Morris 2013). The area race pressured the us government to commit considerable funds to end up being able to room exploration, since typically the capitalist ideology may not shed typically the race to typically the communist règle.

Therefore, most of the personal goal was likewise achieved, as the USSR never could actually terrain people in the Celestial body overhead and Us residents have been very pleased with the achievements. This application also contributed substantially to the corporation through the image related with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA like a superpower.

Stakeholders involved

To assess typically the effectiveness in the certain program, it will probably be likewise important in buy to consider stakeholders’ anticipation plus the pleasure. 1 of typically the stakeholders was typically the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS IN ADDITION TO SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) which can be regarded because the project supervisor of the Apollo Program. As any kind of other project supervisor, the NASA has been given the job in order to achieve the objective set by the particular President.


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The project manager used very effective methods and tactics in order to carry out the particular project. First, the particular organization developed the plan that incorporated the timeline, spending budget, major process and so forth (Dinsmore, PC and Cabanis-Brewin 2011). This plan of action was the foundation of the arriving project. It will be possible to notice that the organisation’s expectations were fulfilled at a particular stage.

The major goal from the project was accomplished. Nonetheless, the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) developed a quantity of projects regarding exploration of the particular Moon, but the particular insufficient financing lead in a massive abrupt end of the Apollo Program. Thus, some expectations were not met. Another stakeholder is the American society. Americans were waiting for great victories and landing on the Moon was one of them.

People expected that the US astronauts would go to the Moon and back again, which could show the might associated with democracy and their own life-style. The anticipation were completely fulfilled. Most people compensated little attention in order to the costs since the outcome was essential for all of them. Therefore, it is possible to notice that will the particular project has already been quite successful within the terrain related to stakeholders’ expectations.


Clearly, any type of evaluation should include assessment of management. As has currently been mentioned previously, this was one of the particular first examples associated with project management upon this type of scale (such budget, such goals). Naturally, there had been numerous errors. A few of these errors resulted in people’s fatalities or near-death circumstances. For instance, during the launch of Apollo 1, the spaceship exploded and three astronauts died (Nicholas & Steyn 2008).

Another serious emergency occurred during the mission Apollo 13 when scientists and engineers developed certain changes to existing configurations, but those were not taken into account and the mission almost resulted in the death of three astronaut (Nicholas & Steyn 2008). Clearly, such oversights never got place later. Concurrently, the project office manager paid attention to be able to various stages in addition to processes doing exercises strategies and following these people.

Resource Requires and Actual Benefits

Finally, you should examine resources used in addition to actual rewards to be able to consider typically typically the successfulness of generally the project. Since provides been explained earlier, 20 money billion was devote on the plan. Initially, the price range of the plan was approximately 20 dollars billion. Notably, there is a plan to be able to construct a place place and astronauts got to go to be able to the Moon coming from that station, nevertheless scientists developed one more approach (Morris 2013).

Still, this of the job was almost typically the same mainly because it had been completed to be more exact abandoned. At the same time, the benefits of the program cannot be overestimated. First, the goals set were achieved in addition to all stakeholders have been satisfied. The NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) has become major project managers who else, eventually, ‘taught’ other folks how to deal with such complex plans involving several jobs.


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Besides, the overall economy also benefited since the space in addition to aviation industries have been developing at a new significant pace generating jobs, paying taxation. Scientists and technical engineers could think regarding various findings of which led to manage to great advances inside of technology.


In conclusion, that may be possible to end up being able to be aware that typically the Apollo Program is noticed as an prosperous project that received various positive outcomes. Regarding the program, it absolutely was typically typically the bubble that created development of many industries, technology, instruction etc.

Importantly, this software was obviously a single of the particular very first sorts of effective work management that strengthened many business along with industries develop. Usually the American society have been expecting a worldwide project with unequaled goals and therefore on a brand new task was executed. The particular American community has been inspired and prepared in order to achieve some additional aims.

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