The Educational Impact of Cell Phones and Technology on Students

Technology is everywhere nowadays. It has evolved way too much. It’s gadgets can be found everywhere and at everyone – even a two year old kid nowadays knows how to search “Masha and the Bear” on the internet. This means that even children own a phone nowadays. But , despite the fact that phones help us connect with other people, technology is also harming us.

A lot of teenagers these days are addicted to it. Some of them can’t put their phones away from them even for ten minutes. This causes a serious problem during classes too, because students aren’t paying attention that much. In order to solve this problem, there are parents and teachers who think that phones should be banned in elementary and high schools. I think that it is not necessary. Firstly, a big amount of students will not respond in a positive way to this solution.

Before anything, parents and teachers should talk about this problem with students too. It is very important that mature people understand that convincing students about the harm that can come from technology and it’s gadgets is the main key to helping them overcome addiction to phones.

Keeping our phones 24/7 next to us doesn’t only harm our bodies, but it also lessens our IQ score.That is why students who use their phones in school, especially during classes, are likely to fail on their exams. After parents talk to their children, then it will be easier if schools decide to ban the phone usage. Maybe then it will actually help students be like the older generations who used to spend their lunch time having a conversation with their friends instead of staring on a screen. Also, it will be easier for them to understand the lessons during classes.

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