Timothy Ojiribe

2/ 01/ 10Intro. to Broadcast performanceRose THE BOOK OF ELIMany movies this year, said to come out with deeper meaningbehind them and to have plenty of viewers in secluded thoughts but to me,no movie will have you more perplexed than The BOOK OF ELI. It was a storyworth telling and gave such visual content that just by watching the middleof the movie, to me, would have had you, the viewer, astounded. The movieis guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat and with the help of theinfamous and brilliant actor, Denzel Washington, one of my all timefavorite actors, he brings to life the character, Eli. The movie in itsself is defined in biblical terms and religious thoughts.

Ironically, the movie takes place in 2012 and people and the worlditself have changed dramatically. I’m talking about the populationdwindling from the billion’s to the hundred thousand’s and most of thesepeople either can not read, are blind, have a skin condition due to thesun, or are cannibals. The movie begins by showing Eli, Denzel’s characterhunting for his dinner, which is in reference to how the world and herpeople most partially reverse back to ancient means. For example, huntingwith a bow and arrow or stalking ones prey. He crosses over many states allthe way from the east coast and is travelling towards the west coast inorder to deliver a book to the holy land (Pelican bay state prison). Thebook, if you watch the movie, you will notice that everybody and theirbrother are after the book. What makes this book so holy? That’s just it,it’s the holy book, the bible but the book is even special than that.

Towards the end of the movie Eli dies, living behind a “holy” message andhis first friend, played by Mila Kunisto envelop into her own journeyback home.

I totally enjoyed this movie due to Denzel’s spectacular acting atplaying such an intriguing role. The supporting actors and actresses suchas Gary Oldman (the commissioner in The Dark Knight) and Jennifer Beals(Grudge 2) were exceptional as well. The movie’s message to me was that weas people go through life forgetting what’s important until it taken awayfrom us, cherish what we have and make the best of it. This movie should bea good representation of what life could be like due to the circumstancesof what we live through now.

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