Transiting Liberal Hong Kong to Liberal Absolutistic China

Transiting Liberal Hong Kong to Liberal Absolutistic The far east Essay Sample

Colonization is a good aspect that affected numerous countries in the previous. It results from overseas individuals trying to negotiate in a new country or perhaps wanting to seek and take territories of a specific country. Among the states affected by colonization was Hk before it was freed to People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong went through two encounters of colonization, first using the British and the next one with China. Despite the fact that the first colonization provided the country democracy and freedom, the Chinese colonization was more pronounced along with more privileges that marked a new phase regarding life. From the a couple of different colonizing countries, Hong Kong attained freedom regarding democracy, security advancement, medical developments, and improved typically the economic standards and came up with a brand new standard of ruling. Hong Kong was intoxicated by colonization by the British for over 155 years before it absolutely was handed to the Chinese sovereignty in 1997 (lee, 2005 p. 1). This marked a new phase for Hk because that was to be ruled under one principle which is; one country two techniques (Wong, 2012 p. 2). The rule of a single principle implicated that china was going to keep its hands off Hong Kong’s independent affairs.

The freedom and democracy in Hong Kong was still being obvious under Briton colonization where the country participated within a direct election in 1991 where various leaders have been elected to govern typically the state. Britain was reluctant to leave Hong Kong in order to China but due to administrative issues for example security and livelihoods of the people plus developments of infrastructures, typically the Briton had to leave the country to China administration. During the English rule, Hong Kong was governed by simply their laws and the particular political, economic and sociable system were steered simply by their government. However, the particular governance proved difficult as people’s livelihoods deteriorated and crime increased thus leaving the island to become governed by Chinese inside 1997. Moreover, Hong Kong enacted some of its laws under UK governances such as enactment regarding the bill of individual rights 20 years ago. Although the particular move saw the developments of Hong Kong federal government under the rule regarding UK, the government has been unwilling to implement the particular bill thus implicating the particular UK as the country that influenced its personal system. Other laws had been enacted on security steps that have been aimed at helping the country to further improve its governance but unwilling authorities led to failure of the systems, which proved hard to Briton and thus the deliberate action to keep Hong Kong to Chinese governance.

From 1997 after the United Kingdom approved Hong Kong to be beneath the governance of The far east, there have been security developments in a variety of aspects such as health, freedom of citizens and criminality and legislation. Most of these security developments are based upon the practice of a single country two systems. The particular policy of two methods led to establishment of people liberation army (PLA) inside Hong Kong administration location for taking charge of the particular defense affairs; this pointed out that Hong Kong’s wealth and stability maintenance was being taken care of. This enabled China in order to defend the caretaker land, guard people’s peace and try to serve them. There is establishment of basic laws and regulations (Swanson, 2014, p. 1) which guaranteed Hong Kong’s citizens practice of democracy (The Independent, 2014, 1) that led to freedom of speech, association plus assembly, religious beliefs and many other things. Consequently, the security was increased and the country economical practices started to strengthen. The system of one country two ways of ruling led to the fundamental spender case a Chinese criminal justice process (Wong, 2012, p. 5) of which offered unique opportunity to explore contrasting images associated with law, order and proper rights.

The basic spender was based on the basic laws that had been established for the sake of Hong Kong’s rights. In china when it came to case initiation according to typically the big spender, it was the responsibility of citizens in addition to police to report criminal offenses and give evidence although in Hk victims plus public had no obligation to do so. Even though big spender was the first to test legal jurisdiction boundary between the people of republic of china and Hk, (Wong, 2012, p. 3) We argue that Hong Kong lost some of the hard earned political independence and its public assurance when it chose to hand over Cheung Tse Keung without fighting back again (Wong, 2012 p. 37). This shows that the particular handover of Hong Kong to china did not really mark the finish of colonization but it was like changing it to a Chinese city. This is later on shown when terms utilized on text books by simply students were changed coming from mainland china and Taiwan to inland china plus Taiwan province (Bray, 2006, p. 170).

China afterwards established the people liberation army (PLA) in Hong Kong to consider charge of the security affairs (China National Support, 2014, p. 1). This specific indicates that maintenance of the long term wealth and stability of Hong Kong was under control. There was also typically the national defense construction of which led to china upholding the communist party regarding china which implemented the strategic principle of energetic defense to emphasize about quality army to develop and support economic building (China National Defence, 2014 n. p. ). The particular rise of crime rate among young people after 1997 led to the particular rise of social welfare development and NGO simply by Hk to help young offenders outside juvenile courts by using restorative strategies (Can, Sun and Hebenton, 2013, p. 305). These people opened the clinics in public hospitals and neighborhood based counseling centers with regard to psychoactive drug abusers, in order to satisfy the improving demand for counseling services for drug abusers. The particular police superintendent’s Discretionary Structure in collaboration (PSDS) along with the collaboration from the family conference also created the way to keep data of young offenders simply by the Hong Kong police as an alternative by the court till one reaches 18 many years. This helped in directing youth out of rights process if they carried on well.

Any time it comes to political governance Hong Kong has been ruled under the state business alliance. The state business alliance was a solution for Hong Kong’s governance. After china overpowering this was eroded because presently there was obviously a major political trouble for post colonial express (Brian, 2014, p. 1). The destruction of express business alliance enabled the far east to complement and broaden typically the existing literature on Hong Kong’s public governance in the mainland, by spreading a new light around the territories of Hong Kong’s political developments. This changed the political system within Hong Kong’s people completely. Apart from the security of crimes mentioned, well being is portion of national protection that affected Hong Kong way of life. Typically the security in the state is dependent on the security of its individual citizens (Curley and Thomas, 2004, p. 1). This implies that when the state is under heath pandemics its home and economic improvements will certainly decline. The transmission regarding severe acute respiratory symptoms virus from china landmass to Hong Kong led to a significant threat in order to its stability and success. This was not the only pandemic that affected Hong Kong; there were other viruses for example influenza virus (Hong Kong preparedness’ for autorit?, 2007) and HIV virus (sociology of health, yr, p. 1).

To regulate the influenza virus the Chinese collaborated along with the world health corporation (WHO) to alert significant virus and emergencies (Curley and Thomas, p. 1). The government also introduced the preparedness arrange for influenza pandemic to prevent it from spreading (Preparedness arrange for influenza, 2014, p. 1). As to the HIV virus china established thorough Aids response (CARES) job to deal with humanitarian needs of Aids crisis. It engaged in collaboration with all the Global Fund to be able to fight Aids and some other disease like malaria plus tuberculosis (Freeman, 2009, g. 16) and also introduced typically the free aids treatment program. China’s response to HIV virus provides a windowpane into how the nation has strengthened its response to infectious disease. There effort to prevent plus treat HIV/AIDS by endorsing many best practices plus promoting it by senior leadership explains on their great effort to maintain the mainland secure.

When it comes to the travelling plus economic convergence, Hong Kong cooperated with the landmass by signing a Nearer Economic participation Agreement (Pouille, 2012, p. 9) that helped fund roads therefore as to link them to the factories in the south with the Hong Kong’s international airport. This particular helped to enhance economic framework in Hong Kong and also led to low taxation (Pouille, 2012). The industrialists who were encouraged by simply the closer economic collaboration arrangements (CEPA) also took part to improve sales of Hong Kong products inside the Domestic market associated with China that helped to further improve the economic standards in the motherland. China’s influence about Hong Kong’ economic improvement shows that it has gained direct power over Hong Kong. This is evident in the way it implemented their private business (Pouille, 2012 p. 9).

From our perspective both the UK and Chinese colonization has negative and positive impacts on the governance in addition to the life of residents in Hong Kong. Beneath the positive side this led to the practice of democracy. This is obvious in the way Hong Kong exercise their flexibility by protesting under typically the Chinese regime (The self-employed, 2014, p. 1). Consequently, the freedom and democracy was evident when typically the country election was carried on under the governance of the United Kingdom. There is rise of economic standards and the reduction within taxation as a result of economic impact by the Chinese. Typically the Chinese came up together with the great strategies to safe the health of their state which I think would have never happened under the British colony. This established people liberation army to take charge in the defense affairs to safe the mainland from the attacks. There was also business of clinics in open public hospitals and community centered centers that helped inside counseling of addicts. The particular clinics were the basis regarding establishment of rehabilitation centers today that helps in solving the issue of drug addicts. From your consecutive colonization, it was apparent that the life inside Hong Kong has continued in order to improve with advancement in security, economy, and politics systems. Perhaps, colonization played a major role in shaping of the Hk governance through establishment of varied laws in different degree of government.

Under the gloomy is that handover of Hk in order to china sovereignty would not tag the end of colonization but the beginning associated with new principle. This signifies that Hong Kong was obviously a colony of British but in reality it was a new colony of china. The particular china executed one of the Hong Kong’s occupants under the practice of two systems in a single country. The fact that will Hong Kong didn’t react explains that it got lost some of its hard earned political independence and its political self-confidence to its new colonies. The introduction of superintendents discretionary scheme (PSDS), social welfare department and NGO’S to help young offenders shows that Hong Kong would not agree with the Chinese governments when coping with crimes of younger people (Can, Sun and Hebenton, 2013, p. 305). There was also the eruption of many protests like the umbrella protests and the protest experienced mainland to call with regard to resignation of Hong Kong’s leader and chief admin to be able to remedy the bogus democracy (Swanson, 2014, l. 1). Hong Kong’s inhabitants want real democracy guideline depending on law and city liberties because they worry that their rights are usually eroding slowly as their own mainland continue to apply more business influence. All this shows the negativity associated with china ruling.

The establishing some organizations to take charge associated with defense affairs to create sure that security of people is not at stake guarantees the mainland protection. The raise of their economic standards that enables their taxation rate to reduce shows exactly how all their security problems are handled well. Hk being under the Chinese sovereignty has led to many improvements in the mainland. What I can say that a country does not need to claim to be under colonization if nearly all their problems are being looked after. Hong Kong needs to make a good option and stop with their own protests which experts claim not provide any improvement to their own country in any component. The protests they perform will destroy their nation and lead to financial decline since economy will be the most important part of every country. They require and to understand that protests leads to insecurities and destroys many lives. Exactly what they need to perform is that they should embrace any great possibility that is on their way to brighten their country.


It might be noticed that china taking over Hong Kong was just like colonizing them but what will be left behind is the privileges that they had and keep on to enjoy for giving over itself to Chinese language sovereignty. The privileges enjoyed by them are; They will enjoy the ruling associated with democracy that enables them to practice their freedoms which they did not enjoy under Britain colonization and China coming up with the best methods of fighting health low self-esteem by cooperating with additional organizations to secures their health gives them confidence of living without concern. In order for their economic development, Hong Kong must capitalize on the main advantages of the present criminal justice system plus drug prevention system, simply by joining hands with the mainland in order to relieve crime and drug issues inside their country beyond the confines of the nearby territory. China also require to give prioritization to the rights and needs associated with Hong Kong’s citizen and make sure there is certainly equal rights to all regarding the decisions of the state. This will lead to all of them being successful.


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