Understanding Ourselves Through Philippine Literature Essay

Every work of literature is someway a contemplation of the universe around. I say contemplation because in every work. one can happen subjects about life and all its jobs.

Whether the literary piece is in the signifier of poesy or narrative. the work will ever bear subjects that are realistic and based on experience. These subjects vary. Subjects on love. decease. and others are frequently seen in many literary plants. These are life’s worlds. and when used in the literary piece. go effectual because readers are able to associate to them.

But there is a challenge. The challenge for the author of the literary piece is to be able to creatively integrate the worlds of society into the written work. To be able to allow the worlds speak and influence and dispute the head of the reader.

In the literary pieces studied. there is ever an component of being Filipino nowadays. The authors were able to compose about Filipino experiences. and reflect what being Filipino is approximately because they are Filipino authors. They write based on experience and observations. Although some pieces may non straight indicate to being Filipino. but they contain elements and subjects that are worlds found in the Filipino society.

Reading stuffs written by Filipino authors is helpful in constructing a sense of being Filipino. Besides. it’s easier to understand because one can easy associate to the worlds mentioned in the stuffs. Besides. reading literary pieces by Filipino authors makes us cognizant of who we are as persons.

In the piece. My Own Theory of Devolution. Jessica Zafra talked about being rummy. In the Philippine context. imbibing has been a manner of life. Filipinos are engaged to imbibing intoxicant particularly on particular occasions. Filipinos love to imbibe difficult and they enjoy imbibing because it is a societal event for them.

Presents. Filipinos are following the western civilization particularly in imbibing beers in the Philippines. There is a particular juncture were Filipinos who love to imbibe beer gather all together to observe October fest which they celebrate every November

Sadly. intoxicant is opprobrious because it has side effects. When you drink excessively much you become objectionable. and that is what Jessica Zafra tries to explicate in her piece. How being a sane homo. one goes through degeneration and transforms into a lowly being.

In the piece. My Father Goes To Court. many worlds about the Filipino society are presented. One world is how we Filipinos are able to last catastrophes. Filipinos are experts in lasting. When catastrophe work stoppages. we Filipinos ne’er give up to stand up and battle. For us deluging is merely a simple phenomenon. an afloat H2O or drainage in canals or in dikes.

In the Philippines inundation is everyplace whenever it rains. Whether you are in pleasant countries or remote countries in the state. you will decidedly see implosion therapy. The rich or the hapless have encountered this sort of catastrophe. Here in Manila. when heavy rains come. there is heavy implosion therapy.

Filipinos are strong in confronting all of these because we believe God will ne’er go forth us nor abandon us. When catastrophe comes. we are trained to contend. Sometimes. when inundation work stoppages. other Filipinos are happy because they can see large pools were they could swim every bit much as they can. Sometimes Filipinos besides earn some money by giving or functioning boats for those who need to sit. When I was immature. I’ve tried swimming in the inundation even though it’s all brown. I enjoy because I have a immense pool.

In the narrative. there is besides a reference on the difference between the rich and hapless in the Philippines. The rich 1s live in large houses with cool appliances. They besides live with retainers who could complete all their day-to-day jobs. Meanwhile. the hapless 1s live in little houses made of old trees with tyres or large stones on their roof. They have large difference. truly. The rich 1s look fabulous and presentable and the hapless 1s look simple.

Discrimination of the rich and hapless is besides present in our state. Let me give an illustration from the metropolis where I grew up. Bacolod ever has an country for rich and the hapless. We have eating houses and promenades for different categories. We have Mc Donald’s and Jollibee for the rich every bit good as for the hapless. We have cake stores or java stores for the rich and hapless. we have schools for rich and hapless. In Manila. there are topographic points like Rockwell. Greenbelt. Alabang Town Center for the rich. What happened with the narrative is the same with what is go oning about. Some Filipinos are ever showy with their valuables or appliances to the hapless so they can be envied by them.

Filipino spirit is rainproof. I’ve read it from a streamer. And it is true in the narrative. It is true how hapless people are able to digest adversities despite troubles. Even if Filipinos are meeting poorness and calamity. we make certain to stand up every bit shortly as possible we ne’er give up.

Filipinos are ever positive in life. Even if calamity comes. we still make merriment of it by taking amusing images. Filipinos are sort and helpful besides in times of troubles. We ever help each other because we are Filipinos. We ever fight for everything. We make certain our households are in the right place.

Another Filipino trait nowadays is esteeming our seniors. as evidenced in the line “carried more weight if it is said by a adult male with grey hair. ” This is about confer withing grownups in decision-making. This is one manner of tradition of the Filipinos. besides as we use polite words to esteem them like Po or opo particularly when they ask inquiries. We respect them because we love them. Even aliens who are old we respect them excessively like in public countries in landrovers or in trains as we offer them seats. We besides help them traverse the street.

We Filipinos are different from other races. We have distinguishable beliefs and traditions as reflected in our literary pieces.

Bing a Filipino is a gift from God. We should be grateful and see it as a approval.